10 Fun Wedding Party Photo Ideas You Will Love

Best man and Maid of Honor Love

Have some fun with your wedding party photos by getting a little creative! Traditional poses are nice, but the most memorable photos are the ones where everyone looks like they’re having a great time.

Get inspired and use some of these fun wedding party photo ideas and you’ll create special memories with your loved ones.

1. Sneak a kiss with the help of your friends

Who says you can’t sneak in a special kiss just before the wedding ceremony, especially with the help of your besties! Photo by zoe rain photography
Secret Kiss - Wedding Party Photo Ideas

2. Share how you know the bride

Not everyone will know the story behind your relationship with your bridal party, so why not show it in a photo! Photo by vinceandcarla.com
Share how you know the bride

3. Make everyone blush with your kiss

You are so in love it’s difficult to hold back on your public display of affection. Don’t hold back even if your wedding party just can’t take it anymore! Photo by Amanda Morgan Photography
Kiss - Wedding Party Photo Idea

4. Show off those pink socks

If your groomsmen are wearing something bright colored and fun, show it off in your photos! Photo by Taraparekh.com
Silly Grooms - Wedding Photo

5. Take a ride on an escalator

If there’s an escalator nearby, have some fun and take a moving photo of you and your wedding party! Photo by Maggie Winters
Bridal Pary on Escalator

6. Show the Love with your BFFs

Show how much you love your maid of honor and best man. Photo by Photography by Britton
Best man and Maid of Honor Love

7. Fun before the ceremony

You know you can’t see each other before the ceremony but really want a photo together? This is a great way to capture it! Photo by Lisa Robinson Photography
Photo before ceremony

8. Jump for joy

Get your bridesmaids together and have some fun jumping on the bed! Photo by Il Mare Photography
Bridesmaids jumping on bed

9. Raise the Groom in the Air

Have your groomsmen lift up the groom to celebrate! Photo by Lisa Robinson Photography
Groomsmen Wedding Party Photo Idea

10. Play some Football

If you know of a football field nearby, head on over with your bridal party and throw the football around before the reception. Photo by studio 29
Football Wedding Party Pose

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