13 Best Destination Wedding Tips for Obscure Locations

Want to have a wedding like none other? Or, at least like none other you’ve ever attended or heard about? Don’t be afraid to try something different! That’s just what Destination Wedding Photographer Ann Peters of Photos by Miss Ann did for her own wedding. She took a unique spin on the typical wedding location and chose the Seljalandsfoss Waterfall in Iceland! Amazing! She shared some of her beautiful photos and 13 extremely helpful destination wedding tips to help if you choose to plan your destination wedding in an obscure location. Thanks Ann!

Planning a destination wedding is difficult enough but planning one in a location with absolutely no wedding industry on the internet is the ultimate challenge. Both my husband and I are well traveled and wanted to pick an obscure location that would not only have stunning scenery, be special to us, but also a locale that not one person on our guest list has been to. Iceland was the answer.

Being a very detailed wedding photographer by trade, I was extremely specific on what I wanted as far as styling, flower colors, schedule, and food. Endless hours of research brought us to the decision of Seljalandsfoss waterfall for the ceremony and Hotel Ranga (a 50 room boutique hotel in Hella, Iceland) for the reception.

Tips for Destination Weddings in Obscure Locations:

  1. Planning your wedding in only 6 months works if you’re a super planner. The people who really want to be there will make it and you’ll get the best flight price 4 months out.

  2. Get a credit card that offers a “free foreign transaction fee.” That 3-6% savings could be your honeymoon!

  3. Spend the time creating a wedding website detailing your chosen location, hotel options, car options, activity ideas, coupon codes, and your week/end schedule so guests are comfortable booking ASAP. Send your wedding website information for guests to refer to on an insert in your invitation.

  4. Be specific and send many photo examples (like a WORD doc full) to your vendors to get your vision across to avoid any disappointments. Learn from our lesson –We had specifically asked for black chiavari chairs and when we arrived at the waterfall not only were there not enough for our 40 guests but they were white plastic.

  5. Do not be afraid to ship in your own details ahead of time to ensure they meet your standards. I imported over 16,000 freeze-dried rose petals for our isle way to ensure the shade of pink was what we envisioned.

  6. Confirm the pricing in a specific outline with all of your vendors not only at time of booking but the week before, day before, and after in both currencies to avoid surprises or discrepancies.

  7. Have your celebrant provide you a full service at least 1 month in advance so you and your fiancé can review and make changes.

  8. Consider having a “love letter ceremony” in place of a sand ceremony or unity candle. It will inspire, provide meaning, and be a very special moment for you both years later.

  9. Have a timeline card or schedule at the front desk when guests check-in. That extra detail will keep everyone on schedule, in-the-know, and you worry free about others throughout the weekend.

  10. Provide your guests with welcome bags. They made the trip now treat them to some local fun/luxuries during their stay!

  11. Do not be afraid to speak up to your photographer. Empower your family and a friend to ask for specific photos too so no one is disappointed later.

  12. Plan a day after group activity all ages can participate in. We designed a self-drive tour of the Golden Circle the next day with our guests.

  13. Take your honeymoon 6 months later, you’ll appreciate it more.

Miss Ann dares to be different. She thrives on adventure and love… Those two combinations create an extraordinary effect people will envy and most of all -never forget! All-inclusive wedding packages from $775-3150 (including travel, your high resolution discs and copyrights). Local and Destination Weddings.

Check out more of Miss Ann’s photos on her website

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