Ideas for a 4th of July Wedding

4th of July is all about being with friends and family and enjoying a casual cookout in the beautiful summer weather. You can easily add some touches to your wedding to give it that All American, Festive 4th of July feel.

We put together a few tips and advice to help you with your planning!



Make sure to incorporate flags, stars, stripes and fireworks! See invitation example below.


Find a reception location that has an outdoor area for your event, and if at all possible somewhere you can view the town fireworks display!


Bride – red and white wedding gown
Bridesmaids – red dresses with blue and white flowers or a patriotic shawl that has stripes and stars
Groomsmen – dark blue tuxedos with ties and cumberbuns stars and stripes on them


Roses, daisies, orchids or carnations.


Red white and blue. You can also go with a light red white and blue if you prefer. Or another nice combo would be blue and silver.


Small American Flags with a ribbon placed at the end of each pew

For tables / centerpieces:
White tablecloths with a vase of red carnations with a blue and white ribbon tied around it
Picnic baskets filled with flowers
Red, white and blue jellybeans in a vase
Apples in a round bowl
Cupcake tree

Add Uncle Sam, an American Eagle, or Liberty bells

When leaving the reception, plan a fireworks display to send you off with a bang!


Buffet of barbecued shrimp, salmon, beef ribs, chicken breasts, barbequed beans, corn on the cob
Dessert should include strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream.


Sparklers tied in ribbon or other pretty packaging.

These are just a few ideas to make your Fourth of July themed wedding special, but there are so many more possibilities to use your own creativity to add something unique to your special day.

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