5 Wedding Ideas for Sci-Fi Fanatics

Personalized weddings are all the rage these days, as brides and grooms decide to go beyond the traditional church ceremony that tends to come complete with a long, white dress and tuxedo. Some of the many wedding ideas to personalize both a ceremony and reception are to incorporate a favorite movie genre, pay homage to a classic movie trilogy or immortalize the day by including elements of a beloved TV show. There are many different ways for die-hard Sci-Fi fanatics to integrate a part of their lives, in this case, their favorite genre of movies and TV shows, into their weddings.

Yes, Sci-Fi (or SyFy, if you love everything on the television channel) fans, you can turn your wedding into one that lets everyone know about your adoration of Star Wars, Star Trek, and anything with little green men in it. Here’s how:

Han and Leia Cake Toppers

Have a Star wars themed cake, complete with Han Solo and Princess Leia cake toppers. This is a simple way to pay homage to your favorite movie without going over the top. You can always add in other Sci-Fi related elements to go alongside it, but you can also have a completely traditional wedding ceremony and reception and just have a Star Wars cake.

Star Trek Attire

Instead of wearing a traditional gown and tux, go with Star Trek formal outfits. Yes, those tunic tops and pants combinations that Captain Picard and the other bridge officers would wear when higher-ups and dignitaries would visit the Enterprise. If Star Trek isn’t your thing, then go with something straight out of any other Sci-Fi movie or television show. A local costume shop will have plenty to choose from.

Get Hitched at the Planetarium or the Museum

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Hold the reception in a science museum or planetarium. Many of these places have large rooms that can be rented out. Most of them are for schools to reserve for students who go there on field trips, but there aren’t many of these that take place over the weekend, which is when most weddings are held. Find a local caterer or ask the museum who they prefer to work with and you’ll be set. You may even be able to include a planetarium show or a guided tour of the museum as part of your reception.

Incognito Guests

During the ceremony, have each guest wear a green or gray alien mask. Instead of forcing each guest to buy a mask, provide them with one. While this may sound expensive, it doesn’t have to be. An inexpensive option includes having a local print shop print up the masks on thick cardstock, then, sometime before the ceremony, punch a hole in either side and fasten an elastic band to it that will slip over your guests’ heads. Imagine what your pictures will look like!

Pick a Few Great Songs

Incorporate your favorite Sci-Fi movie or television theme song into your wedding ceremony. Instead of walking down the aisle to the traditional Wedding March, choose The Emperor’s Theme from Star Wars. Or, you can go in a different direction and have the theme song from your favorite Sci-Fi franchise as the first song that you dance to as husband and wife.

Use these 5 easy wedding ideas to create a very unique and personalized wedding to remember. Not only will you and your fiance have a great time planning, but your guests will be talking about your wedding day for years to come.

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  1. Ron, November 29, 2012 6:22 pm - 5 Wedding Ideas for Sci-Fi Fanatics

    I’ve been a wedding DJ for over 20 years and have yet to see one wedding like this! It would definately be different….probably more appropriate for a Halloween time wedding…Good ideas..

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