Be Good To Your Bridal Party: The Shorthand Guide

With so many people involved in the wedding of your dreams, you might find that the patience or the preferences of your bridal party are tested on a regular basis! It’s all very well if you like the 90s bow-back bridesmaids dresses, but that doesn’t mean your best friends will. In some circles it’s considered perfectly appropriate to honor every last wish of the bride and groom, regardless of what her bridal party think, bows, puff sleeves and hot pink galore. But if you want to avoid the possibility of paper bags on the heads of the bridesmaids on the big day, you might want to consider taking their suggestions into account! Be good to your bridal party.

Most brides are not the Bridezillas seen on television; most grooms are not Groomzillas – we’re sure you’re not. But in the run up to the most important day of your life, things can get stressful. So we’ve compiled a list of three important things to consider as you prepare to get hitched.

The hen or bachelorette party

You want to go out to a late night spot and dance the night away. Members of your bridal party seem hesitant. Before you read too much into that, remember, some people just aren’t the late night party types. If a few of your favorite people don’t want to attend, it’s best to consider why that might be: kids, stress and fatigue are all factors. Instead of worrying or getting irate, why not consider having an additional lunch date with the friends who couldn’t make it? That way, you’ll get to celebrate with the people who adore you but can’t do late nights. Everyone wins!

The dresses

Your own dress choice is completely up to you – but it is very wise when choosing for others to take their ideas seriously. One of the most prudent ways to approach this problem is to book an appointment at a bridal salon and bring your gals with you. What looks good on a model or a hanger might not look so good on your friends, regardless of beauty. Conversely, dresses that look strange on a hanger might look incredible on your bridesmaids. Body shapes make an enormous difference, as do personal preferences. If your bridesmaids feel beautiful and comfortable in their gowns, you’ve hit a winner. It’s a similar situation with groomsmen: don’t leave them out!

The rewards

You’ve probably chosen your bridal party because they mean a lot to you and have been loyal and good friends for a considerable period of time. Show them you care by throwing them a little party in the weeks after the wedding, or picking out a little gift for them. There are a ton of awesome, personalized mementos available for order from bridal salons – or online. Have fun with them – they deserve it!

All in all, a happy bridal party makes for a happy wedding day. If you can ensure that the people you love are the most are taken care of, you can relax much more easily.

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