Capturing The First Look Wedding Photos

Jason Crader, one of our Little Rock Arkansas Featured Wedding Photographers, shares how he captures that all important first look wedding photos the bride and groom experience the first time they see each other on their wedding day:

Having a first look on the wedding day is becoming more popular with brides and grooms. As the name implies, this is a chance for the couple to see each other dressed in their wedding attire for the very first time. Some couples choose to let other important individuals share in this time with them, but most want this to be just a special moment between the two of them.

There aren’t many chances during the wedding day for the couple to catch their breath and thoughts and to just enjoy each others company without all of the other stressors getting in the way. A first look is a wonderful way to begin the hectic day with each other because it helps bring about a sense of calm between the couple in a day that can sometimes get chaotic. A first look also can be a wonderful memory for the couple. From my point of view as a photographer, it’s pure joy for me to watch the bride walk down the aisle beaming as she nervously waits to let her soon-to-be-husband see her in her beautiful wedding dress for the first time and then getting his reaction as he sees his soon-to-be-wife looking as stunning as she’s ever looked in her life these moments are truly priceless and I am able to capture them for the couple in a way that’s much easier than getting that first look when they are walking down the aisle during the ceremony. The atmosphere (first look before vs. first look during the ceremony) is definitely different, but the feelings are the same.

We’ve all been to weddings where the bride and groom arrive at the reception long after the ceremony ended. Most guests can handle 15-30 minutes of wait time, but any more than that and many become antsy and start to leave. A first look allows the couple to get all of their pictures out of the way before the ceremony begins, so as soon as it’s over everyone can go directly to the reception.

I know it’s a bit nontraditional to do a first look, but everyone that’s done this at a wedding I’ve photographed has been very happy they did so. We were able to knock out all of the family formal portraits before the ceremony and get some really good shots of the couple together, before they ever walked down the aisle. This allowed them and all of their guests to go directly to the reception which is what everyone really wants to do after the ceremony anyway.

About the Author:
Jason Crader, Jason Crader Photography – Little Rock, Arkansas

Jason offers wedding photojournalism with an artistic flair. He shoots every wedding with two photographers in order to assure that no moment of your day goes undocumented. His artistic, unobtrusive approach leaves you with lasting and beautiful memories of your special day.

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