Wedding Giveaway Winners

Aileen and Adam of California

Aileen and Adam

Meet Aileen and Adam, the newest winners of our bridal giveaways! They won a beautiful Wedding Veil from Simply Bridal!

Aileen, an Orthodontic Assistant and Adam, a Video Production Specialist first met when they were 17 years old at a local coffee shop where Adam was playing in a band. Aileen just happened to be at the same event, they met, and that’s when their relationship started!

8 months later Aileen moved 1000 miles away. They continued a long distance relationship for almost 4 years. They would alternate months where she would fly up to Connecticut and he would fly down to North Carolina. Somehow they made it work and in 2011 Adam got a job in California and they both decided to make the move!

Two years later they were making dinner in their apartment on a Sunday after playing some tennis and just relaxing when Adam got down on one knee. Aileen said, “I looked horrible and I’m pretty sure I was mid marinating the steaks were going to eat for dinner. As soon as I said yes Adam goes “oh I messed up” and of course I was like ummm what?? Apparently he had planned a big dinner at my favorite restaurant later on that week with a secret photographer and all of our friends. But he had only had the ring for less than 24 hours and he said that he just loved me right now and thought it was the perfect moment.”

The wedding will be held in San Luis Obispo, CA at a privately owned ranch. They started planning right after they got engaged last May. “The planning has been extremely smooth so far!! Adam and I work great as a team so we have both been very involved in every aspect of the planning.” said Aileen.

They want their wedding to be about family and friends having a great party instead of just a “stuffy affair”. So they plan on having a bunch of lawn games and a Santa Maria style BBQ dinner!

Such a sweet couple, congratulations Aileen and Adam!

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Meagan and Josh of California

Meagan and Josh

Meet Meagan and Josh, the newest winners of our bridal giveaways! They won a beautiful set of Wedding Hair Pins from Miss Joan’s Bridal Boutique!

Meagan is a full time business administration student Josh is a Heavy Wheel Mechanic for the United States Marine Corps. They first connected thru mutual friends on Facebook. They began talking online and on the phone, since Josh lived in southern California and Meagan in northern California.

Their first date was a weekend trip to Las Vegas. Meagan said, “It was an instant in person connection, which we knew would happen since we had such a great connection via skype and the phone. From then on we were inseparable. I moved to southern California with him a few months later.”

Meagan shared their sweet engagment story with us: “On July 28th, we were getting ready to go to Joshs parents house for a BBQ. I was preparing food in our kitchen and Josh was messing around with his helicopters in the other room. Next thing I know, he is flying one of the helicopters right at me and lands it at my feet. I look down and there was a note with a ring zip-tied to the front of the helicopter. I look up, Josh was on his knee and I just started crying tears of joy. It was so romantic and perfect.”

The wedding is set for July 26, 2014 at the Pomona Valley Mining Company. Meagan says it will be a “country chic” theme!

We wish all the best to Meagan and Josh and a big congrats!

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Samantha and Ben of New York

Samantha and Ben

Meet Samantha and Ben, the newest winners of our bridal giveaways! They won an Illuminated Wedding Photo Sign from Signs Remembered!

Samantha and Ben first met in their junior year of college in October 2009. They lived down the hall from each other and were in the same phychology class. One day, Samantha was struggling to lift a heavy tote outside her dormroom, and Ben happened to be walking by and offered his help. “We’ve been inseparable since!” said Samantha.

Samantha works at Paychex in the 401(k) department and Ben is a Data Coordinator at Highland Family Medicine.

While on vacation, Ben proposed to Samantha near a pond and a fountain in Amelia Island, Florida. “He looked into my eyes, got down on one knee, told me how much he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and proposed.” Samantha said.

The wedding is set for the first day of summer on June 21, 2014, and will be held in the same church that Samantha’s parents were married in 30 years ago!

We asked Samantha how the wedding planning is coming along and she said, “The planning is going great! We need to pick up the pace a little on booking our florist, DJ and etc., but I bought my dress already (and it’s GORGEOUS). That’s all that counts, right? Haha”

Samantha and Ben won a Personalized Illuminated Photo Sign from Signs Remembered that they can use for display at their wedding and also keep in their home as a beautiful memory. “I think this giveaway was AWESOME! We never thought we could have any added touches to our wedding and to keep afterward! We can’t thank you guys enough!” said Samantha.

We host wedding giveaways every two weeks, take a look at our newest bridal giveaway!

Ryan and Crystal of Utah

Crystal and Ryan

Meet Ryan and Crystal, the newest winners of our bridal giveaways! They won a Spa Gifts Goody Pack from GoodtoBeYou!

The couple started dating in High School, and continued through undergrad at Virginia Tech. The fall after graduation, Ryan proposed to Crystal on campus with a very special ring. It was originally Crystal’s grandparents ring, then was given to her father to propose to her mother. Crystal’s parents gave it to Ryan upon her father’s passing. “I was so thrilled to know, several years after my father had passed, that Ryan had received such a huge blessing from him. We are so excited to be getting married after 7 years together. Personally, I can’t wait to try the bubble bath in the caw foot tub at the castle. Hopefully there will be enough for my bridesmaids to try it too! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.” said Crystal.

Best wishes Ryan and Crystal!

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Andrew and Lauren Lombardi of Pennsylvania

Andrew and Lauren

Meet Andrew and Lauren, the newest winners of our bridal giveaways! They won a Wedding Veil from Simply Bridal!

Both just graduated from Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA this past May. Andrew received his B.S. in Graphic Design and Lauren received a B.S. in Health Promotion. Lauren just accepted a position as a Wellness Technician, and they are praying that Andrew will find a graphic design position in the same area.

They met in their freshman year at college through their university’s marching band. It was thier first away football game, on a 7 hour bus trip to a college game in Pennsylvania where they’d march one of their first shows in the marching band. It was Lauren who approached Andrew, “I saw Andrew as another freshman that I could befriend and asked if he had anyone to sit with and wanted to be my seat-mate. He reluctantly said yes even though he really wanted to sit with his buddies! He told me later that within the first half hour of the trip, he was hooked! To be quite honest, I wasn’t interested in him at first, but after months of persuasion and rejection, I said yes to dating the man of my dreams on February 5, 2010.”

Lauren shared their melt-your-heart proposal story with us:

“After attending a close friend’s wedding over the past 2012 Christmas season, I was bugging him yet again about getting engaged. I knew for sure that he didn’t have a ring and since both us were broke from college, I knew we probably wouldn’t be engaged for some time. Once again I started sharing my fears about what would happen to us after graduation with us having to enter a long-distance relationship and still not being engaged. He agreed but said he didn’t have the money. As we pulled in to my parent’s driveway he told me to stay in the car so he could run inside and get my homemade Christmas present to give to me. I was excited because being a graphic designer he always MAKES my gifts AND cards, but honestly (and selfishly) I wanted us to be officially engaged. He then drove us up to an empty field and gave me a book that he had made. It was filled with memories and journal entries he had made and collected throughout our years of dating. After I had looked at it he said that if God had brought us this far, had I no faith in the future? I knew he was absolutely right and I thanked him for reminding me of what I had to be thankful for. I knew God was in control, but I can definitely get a little impatient sometimes! He then out of the car, went over to the passenger side, lifted me out of the car and carried me over to the middle of the field and set me down. After two years and about 9 months of dating, on December 29, 2012, he dropped down on one knee in the beautiful, fallen snow, pulled out the most beautiful (and overly-expensive) ring I’ve ever seen and asked me to be his wife! I was in absolute shock and of course, said ‘yes!'”

Their wedding is set for April 19, 2014 in Hellam, PA at the Stone Mill Inn. Lauren is so excited to have won a wedding veil, she said, “We are so blessed to have won and save another expense from the huge to-do list!”

Best wishes Lauren and Andrew!

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Chris and Liza Miller of Massachusetts

Chris and Liza

Meet Liza and Chris, the newest winners of our bridal giveaways! They won a Handmade “Bride” Dress Hanger from Amy’s Original Bridal Hangers!

Liza is an administrative assistant and Chris is a salesman. They met at work in October of 2008. Liza told us about their first date, “We attempted to go to a nice restaurant called Christopher’s. The wait was too long, however, so we ended up at a small, casual burger place across the street, where I got to take home the glass my beer came in.”

Chris proposed to Liza this past October, on the exact date they first met. “We were on a hike we’ve done tons of times before. While at an overlook area, he got down on one knee and proposed. I was completely surprised and said yes before he had even finished his speech – though not on purpose.”

Liza is also a jewelry maker, and is making all of the jewelry for her bridesmaids and herself!

Their wedding is set for October 19th at Blissful Meadows Golf Club in Uxbridge, MA. We asked Liza how the planning was coming and she seems to have it all under control, “The planning is coming along great. We’re at the final countdown, so it’s just a matter of getting the smaller details done, like putting together favors and centerpieces.”

Congrats and best wishes Liza and Chris!

We host wedding giveaways every two weeks, take a look at our newest bridal giveaway!

Steven and Vanessa Ruiz of California

Steven and Vanessa

Steven and Vanessa, the newest winners of our bridal giveaways! They won a Wedding Jewelry Set from Wedding Sparkles!

Vanessa is a manager for Marie Callender’s and Steven works for Starbucks Coffee. They met at work at Starbucks Coffee, and their first date was almost three years later and Steven proposed two years after that.

Their wedding is set for October 19th in Chino Hills, California. We asked Vanessa how the planning was coming, “It’s going great! We are extremely blessed!”

Congrats and best wishes Vanessa and Steven!

We host wedding giveaways every two weeks, take a look at our newest bridal giveaway!

Nick Dawson and Jenna Day of Maryland

Nick and Jenna

Meet Nick and Jenna, the newest winners of our bridal giveaways! They won Free Wedding Photography for their Wedding from Alex Bars Photography!

Nick sent in their love story for the chance to win, it was so sweet!

“It all started when we met back in High School, we were 16 years old and met at the Cecil County Fair. She was actually on a date with my best friend, go figure! I instantly fell in love with her. After two years of dating in High School, come college, we hit a couple of road bumps and we were not together for about a year and a half. Halfway through my college career, I realized I was being a complete and utter lunatic for letting her out of my sight. I asked her back out and we have been together for a little over 4 years.

Jenna and I have been dating for a total of 6 years and just recently got engaged on 6/21/2013! In early June, I was wracking my brain on how to propose and came up with ‘A Walk Down Memory Lane.’ When we were 16, we had our first dinner together at Ruby Tuesdays in Elkton MD, I first told her I loved her in a song I wrote, and as I said before, we first met at the Cecil County Fair. I took her to all of these places, re-sang her the song I sang some 8 years ago, and sang a more modern rendition that I wrote in late May. The last stop on the walk down memory lane, was my horse farm in North East, MD where she keeps her horse. I took her on a trail ride down to my parents’ pond, proposed there (unexpectedly to the tune of R. Kelly’s ‘In the Closet’ at a local neighbor’s house), and rode up to my farm only to find her closest friends and family waiting for us for an after party. She said yes!”

Their wedding is set for May 31, 2014 at Nick’s parents farm in Maryland. Congrats and best wishes Nick and Jenna, we can’t wait to see your wedding photos!

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Anggela Aranda and Jason Butler of New Jersey

Anggela and JasonMeet Anggela and Jason, the newest winners of our bridal giveaways! They won 4 Personalized Bottles of Wine from!

Anggela is currently a Florist Assistant, and Jason is a Correctional Officer. They met about 7 years ago, at a bar called Fatso’s. They were both college students and working almost full time jobs. With their busy schedules of school and work, they had to wait a whole 3 weeks just to go on their first date. But, it was definitely worth the wait, since the two are now engaged!

Anggela shared a special story with us of how Jason proposed and how he included their 3 dogs! Here’s how it happened, explained Anggela:

“The way he planned it was perfect because I was really not expecting it at all. It was April 2, 2013 a random day, he was supposed to work 3-11pm, so when I get home at 6pm it never occurred to me what was going to happen. I first realized something was wrong when our dogs were not barking, because they love to bark, but thought they are probably in the bedroom sleeping. When I went to unlock the door the door, it was already unlocked. At this point I started to panic, thinking someone broke in and took our dogs. I pushed the door open, the house was quiet I was scared and cautious coming in thinking what if they are still in the house (I know I have a wild imagination, but everyone who knows me knows I am petrified of this happening), that is when Baby, our Staffi, came out running with a white t-shirt wrapped by her waist, at this point I was almost in tears. I took the shirt off of Baby and realize there was wording on it (I was thinking a ransom note) it said “Will”. I was confused and then Bear, our Chow Chow mix, comes out running with a shirt on that said “You”. Seconds later Morgan, our Dogue de Bordeaux, came out with a shirt that said “Marry”. I was so confused, reading “will you marry” like 3 times and thinking “will you marry what?”. I finally realized that Jay was home, so I ran into the bedroom, pushed the door open to find Jay on one knee with a shirt on that said “Me”! He completely caught me by surprise and planned every detail including parking 5 blocks away so I would not see his car!”

Anggela and Jason are excited to have won our giveaway, “We are really excited that we won, planning a wedding can get expensive, and now I do not have to worry about my ‘Would you be my Bridesmaid Luncheon’ wine!”

Their wedding is set for August 29, 2014 in Hackensack, NJ. Congrats and best wishes Anggela and Jason!

We host wedding giveaways every two weeks, take a look at our newest bridal giveaway!

Janelle Mascarenas and Michael Sajor of Illinois

Janelle and MichaelMeet Janelle and Michael, the newest winners of our bridal giveaways! They won a 150 Save the Dates from Magnet Street!

We just love unique proposal ideas, and Janelle & Michael shared a proposal story that just knocked our socks off! Michael created a Scavenger Hunt Proposal for Janelle. Its a story is they will tell over and over again and cherish forever! Check it out, we know you’ll love it as much as we to:

Their Unique Proposal Story

“I am the type of person who constantly has something going on. My now fiancé Michael knows me so well that he purposely made sure I had plans all Holiday weekend for 2012. In my world, Saturday was dedicated to viewing the production “War Horse”. This was my Christmas present from Michael. We had a group breakfast then I had a shopping date with my good friend Sara on Sunday. Monday was Christmas Eve with the families and Tuesday was Christmas Day on my Father’s side.

What should have tipped me off was Michael’s attire heading for breakfast on Sunday. He was wearing a nice tie and vest. I questioned and teased him for this outfit, but he insisted on looking good for me. We headed to breakfast where he lucked out. My friends Brendan and Tressa planned on going to their Christmas party after breakfast. Thus, Brendan was wearing a nice dress shirt. This distracted me with Michael wearing a tie and vest. Another hint on something was up; Michael constantly took every moment to excuse himself from breakfast. I was annoyed for his periodic disappearances.

Once breakfast was over, we paid our meals and headed out. My good friend Lauren then hands me a big manila envelope containing a personalized message and clue. As soon as I received this package, I instantly knew this was a proposal. Michael already gave me my Christmas present (watching “War Horse”) and my birthday is not until January. The personalized message marked the significance of the location to the person delivering me the clue and mentioned phrases such as “our future” and “being together”.

I wanted to open the envelope immediately, but Michael told me to follow the clue. This was a Scavenger Hunt Proposal throughout Downtown Naperville. I followed the clue to the next location and surprised to find his cousin Jeph with another manila envelope containing a personalized message and clue. This continued on throughout the town meeting more friends and family along the way. I got excited each time running and skipping to the next location. Michael urged me to slow down as he feverishly called his phone directing people to get into position. The journey finally ended at the Dandelion fountain at the River Walk where about 25 of our close friends and family gathered with cameras in hand.

Michael then instructed to open up all the clues I collected from the locations. I ripped through the envelopes to discover letters. A white board was provided to place the letters. I am a goof ball, I already knew what the message will ask, and I purposely misspelled the letters. As soon as all the clues were opened, I correctly revealed the message “Marry me?”

Michael got down on one knee and attempted to have a beautiful speech. He was so nervous. Michael tripped on his words and stumbled throughout his proclamation of his love. He muttered, “I just wanna marry you!” The crowd of friends burst into laughter. He grabbed his bearings and busted out the antique, round engagement ring with a halo. Michael asked me formally. I said, ‘Yes!'”

Janelle is a Project Coordinator at SONY DADC and Michael is a Physical Therapist for Central Dupage Hospital. They have two different stories of where they first met: Michael believes it was in high school and Janelle says they met as undergrads! Their wedding date is set for 10/18/2014 at Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Naperville and it will be a traditional Filipino Wedding.

Thanks for sharing your unique proposal story, and congrats Janelle and Michael!

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Sarah Sands and Tom Barkley of California

Sarah and TomMeet Sarah and Tom, the newest winners of our bridal giveaways! They won a Personalized Illuminated Photo Sign from Signs Remembered!

Sarah is currently a stay at home mom, studying to be a lactation consultant. Tom works in the field of construction, and is studying to become a HVACR(Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration) technician. They met in October of 2009 through mutual friends in High School, and their first date was at the Harvest Festival at their church for Halloween.

Sarah shared a sweet story with us on how they were engaged, “We both share a love for the game of golf. One afternoon on a local golf course in February(2013), Tommy made an awesome putt into the cup and little did I know, when He bent down to pick up his ball out of the hole, he placed the ring box in the bottom of the hole. It would be an understatement to say that I was surprised when I reached down to pick up my ball and found the ring box! Ever so sweetly he walked over, got down on one knee, told me that He loved me more than words could express, and asked me if I would spend the rest of my life with him. Of course I (tearfully) said yes!”

Their wedding will be held next year in either Temecula or Lake Arrowhead. We asked Sarah how the planning is going, “The planning is going great! We have had so much fun going to all of the bridal shows and venue open houses. We have had the opportunity to meet the most wonderful vendors for our wedding and we are SO grateful for that!”

They want the wedding to be very elegant, with a vintage feel, and also have a little bit of country flair as they are both country at heart.

Sarah shared something special with us about her wedding day, “Our wedding is unique especially because we are able to share the big day with our daughter, Savannah, who will be our flower girl.”

Sarah and Tom are excited to have won our giveaway, “We are beyond excited to have one this contest and cannot wait to display the sign at our wedding!!”

Best of luck Sarah and Tom, and congratulations!

We host wedding giveaways every two weeks, take a look at our newest bridal giveaway!

Justyne Matheny and Ivan Ross of North Carolina

Justyne and IvanMeet Justyne and Ivan, the newest winners of our bridal giveaways! They won a gorgeous Swarovski Emerald Cut Crystal Bracelet from Sparkle Plenty!

Justyne is a graduate student at Duke University where she studies genetics and Ivan is currently teaching for The Princeton Review while seeking employment to utilize his PhD in Cinema and Media Studies. They met at a Halloween party in 2011, Justyne was dressed as a Candy Corn and Ivan in the style of Mad Men.

On February 9, 2013 Ivan surprised Justyne with a sweet proposal, “We were heading out for a weekend trip to Washington, DC however I was not able to get out the door because it there was a door-sized sign blocking my way asking me to marry him. I dropped my bags and turned around to find him on one knee with a ring, I nodded yes right away, though it took a minute for me to say anything out loud.”

Congrats on winning our giveaway, we wish you both the best of luck!

We host wedding giveaways every two weeks, take a look at our newest bridal giveaway!

Michele Talmadge and David Gandy of Delaware

Michele and David

Meet Michele and David, our newest giveaway winners! They won a pair of beach wedding bottomless sandals from Jewels by Jan!

Michele just graduated from Rutgers University with a master’s degree in ecology, and she now works as a natural lands ecologist for a non-profit organization. David graduated from William Paterson University with a degree in business administration and now works in kitchen sales. They met through a mutual friend in 2009. David proposed just as Michele was graduating, moving to a new state, and starting a new job, “to say I was overwhelmed is an understatement!” Michele said.

They now live happily in Delaware with their adorable cat Evey and new corgi puppy Zora. Their wedding date is set for May 2014 in New Jersey, where they both grew up.

Best wishes Michele and David, and remember to send us your beach wedding photos with you in your sandals!

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Leslie Evans and Brandon of Ohio

Leslie Evans and BrandonLeslie and Brandon are the newest winners of our fabulous bridal giveaways! They won an adorable flower girl basket from Claudia’s Beautiful Baskets!!

Leslie is a photo tech at Walgreens and Brandon is an E3 in the Air Force. They met in 2008 when they were both working at Walgreens. They started dating on February 12, 2009 and were engaged on October 20, 2012.

Their wedding date is set for August 17, 2013 in Middletown, Ohio. We asked Leslie how her wedding planning was going, she said “It’s coming along good but it’s fast approaching!”

We’re very happy for Leslie and Brandon and wish them the best of luck! Leslie said “I’m really excited to have won because I never win anything!”


We host wedding giveaways every two weeks, take a look at the newest giveaway!

Megan Finnegan and John of Oregon

Megan and JohnMeet Megan and John, our newest wedding giveaway winners! They won a super cute customized bridal dress hanger from Amy’s Original Bridal Hangers!

Megan works at a lab that handles hormone testing, and John works at a bakery. They met a year and a half ago through friends and have been together ever since. “We both knew from the beginning that this was something special” Megan said. They were engaged after 9 months of dating, during a weekend away at the beach.

Their wedding will be out in the country with a pond, hay fields, and big red barn in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Being her second marriage, Megan’s two sons are walking her down the aisle and “giving her away”. “The planning is coming along well, but so many little details keep popping up!” said Megan. They’re trying to keep it simple and laid back, with John in Carhartt pants and Megan in a sundress and cowboy boots.

Megan is so happy to win our giveaway, “I found this giveaway through my amazing friend and photographer, Tirzah of Photography By Tirzah, and I am not sure who is more excited about me winning, her or me!!”

Congratulations Megan and John!

We host wedding giveaways every two weeks, take a look at the newest giveaway!

Ashley Costanzo and Kyle of Ohio

Ashley and KyleMeet Ashley and Kyle, the winners of our latest Wedding Giveaway! The lucky couple won a Wedding Photo App from PhotoOpp Bride Edtion.

Ashley and Kyle currently attend school and both will graduate in 2014. Kyle attends Ohio Northern University studying to be a pharmacist and Ashley attends Cleveland State University studying to be a teacher.

The couple met in 2007 at their first job working at a local grocery store during high school, and have been together ever since (almost 6 years now!).

Kyle proposed to Ashley on his 23rd birthday on November 21, 2012. She came home from school that afternoon, not expecting to see Kyle in her living room, with rose petals in the shape of a heart on the floor, and pebbles spelling out Marry Me? “He asked me to make it the best birthday of his life and to marry him and I of course said yes!” said Ashely.

Ashley is very happy to have won our giveaway, “I’m so excited we won this giveaway, I think the app will be a fun way for our friends and family and share and post photos of us and each other at the wedding!”

Congratulations Ashley and Kyle, and thanks for participating!

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Bethany Holaway and Nicholas Garcia of Illinois

Wedding Photography Giveaway WinnersMeet Bethany and Nicholas, the winners of our latest Wedding Giveaway! The lucky couple won a matching set of wedding bands from Wedding Rings Depot.

Bethany and Nicholas are both students at Olivet Nazarene University and will be graduating in May. Bethany will be attending graduate school for Clinical Psychology in August and Nick is starting his own wedding photography business. Check out his website at!

The couple met in 2009 during their freshman year at Olivet Nazarene, but were just friends until they started dating on November 18th, 2011. Nick proposed just under a year later on October 13, 2012. They spent that day in Chicago and then went back to Bethany’s house. When they arrived, Nick led her to the backyard where he had decorated the back patio with string lights, candles, flowers and pictures. He brought her to the middle of the patio and asked her to marry him! “It was amazing and beautiful!” Bethany said.

The wedding date is set for July 21, 2013 in Sycamore Illinois at Blumen Gardens, which is a renovated brick factory. The ceremony will be held in the outdoor courtyard and the reception will follow inside the factory.

We asked Bethany how her wedding planning was coming along, and she’s having a great time! “The planning has been a lot of fun so far! My favorite thing so far was buying my dress. My first fitting is going to be in about a month and I can’t wait to put my dress back on!”.

Bethany couldn’t be happier about winning our giveaway! “We are so excited to win the wedding bands in this giveaway! We are just 4 months away from saying ‘I do’!”

We wish you both the best of luck, thanks for participating!

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Brittany Dissler & Joshua Nash of Pennsylvania

Wedding Photography Giveaway WinnersMeet Brittany and Joshua, the new winners of our Wedding Giveaway! The lucky couple won a beautiful Bridal Necklace and Earring set from Wedding Sparkles.

Brittany is a bank teller at Fulton Bank as well as a cashier at Oregon Dairy Country Restaurant, and Josh is a supervisor at Sheetz. They first met back in August of 2008.

Their first date consisted of lunch at Olive Garden, ice skating, a walk in the park, and dinner at Brittany’s grandparents house. Joshua proposed 3 years later on July 31, 2011 in Boston, Massachussetts on a whale watching boat. “It was beautiful with a breath taking sunset along the ocean. I feel so blessed that the first man to ever ask me on a date is the same man who asked me to marry him.”, said Brittany.

Brittany and Joshua are now planning their wedding as well as buying their first home! The wedding date is set for June 22, 2013 at Willow Valley, where they attended their prom together.

Brittany is thrilled to win our giveaway, “I am so excited to win this giveaway! I never win anything and since I am trying to save money, this is super exciting to me!”

We wish you both the best of luck with your wedding & new home, Brittany & Joshua, congratulations and thanks for participating!

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Cassie Giannini & Matt Bittner of Florida

Wedding Photography Giveaway Winners
Meet Cassie and Matt, the new winners of our first Wedding Giveaway! The lucky couple won a $100 Gift Card to help with their wedding planning.

Cassie, a tax auditor and Matt, an accounting manager, have known each other since elementary school (20 years!), but didn’t start dating until college. They’ve been dating for 8 years now.

In October of 2012, they took a cruise together to celebrate both of their birthdays. Matt surprised Cassie on the last day of their trip with a bottle of wine and a wedding proposal! Their wedding date is set for March 1, 2014 and the ceremony will be held in the chapel at the Palm Beach Atlantic University where they attended college together.

Cassie is very happy to win our giveaway, “Very excited about winning this giveaway. Hope to use it to surprise Matt with something special for putting up with my crazy and constant wedding talk!”

Check out their wedding website:

Congratulations and Best of Luck Cassie and Matt, we’re looking forward to seeing your wedding photos!

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