Ideas for a Perfect Bridal Shoot

You have selected your wedding photographer and now it’s time for your bridal shoot.

So many questions to answer and it isn’t even your wedding day yet! Here is some advice for the perfect bridal shoot.

Bridal Shoots usually occur at least a month or two before your wedding date.

The location of your bridal shoot is one of the most important decisions you can make. Find out ahead of time if your photographer does studio or location shooting or both. If both, check out their favorite places to shoot. Get with your florist to make sure you have a bouquet the day of your bridal shoot. Some offer this with your wedding flower package. Most brides have their hair done before their wedding day. This will be a perfect time to see how your hair dresser does as a dress rehearsal for your wedding day. Schedule your bridal shoot right after your hair appointment.

If you want some adventure, find a beautiful place that has meaning to you.

Bridal Photo
Misty, seen here on a cliff, grew up in the area and climbed these rocks many times as a child. Having her bridal shoot done here was something of a dream come true.

Parks and other public locations may require photography permits, so beware of that extra cost.

Karen, seen here on the roof of the Westin Poinsett Hotel, only had to pay a $50.00 donation to the hotel’s favorite charity for roof access. Her wedding reception was held at the hotel.

Bed and breakfasts and wedding venues make wonderful locations as well. Call ahead and ask how much a photos session is at their location. Usually it is very reasonable or free if you are having your wedding there later.

Ask your photographer to make sure they get some non-traditional as well as traditional shots. Having both to choose from is a must!

Factor in the weather and time of year. Being in a beautiful garden before the flowers have bloomed will rarely give the impact you were looking for.

Spring summer, fall winter; be prepared for the environment. For spring and summer shoots, bring water. Bring your coat for the fall and winter shoot. You will be glad you did.

Emily, see here on a couch with a view, asked for some creativity. We delivered! Sometimes a simple highway will do. Make sure you and your photographers hit it off well and have the same view of what your shoot will be like. You better get along well; they will be with you for hours on your bridal shoot day and the day of your wedding.

For the wedding day, make sure you have an easel for display of your portrait at the reception. Borrow one from the venue or photographer if need be. Keep it covered until after the wedding if your fiancé isn’t allowed to see you until the wedding time.

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Dana and Michael have been photographers together for years. We love shooting weddings, family and events of any type. Dana loves specializing in family and children’s photography, while Michael loves his weddings and events. Together for any photo shoot as Touch of Grace Photography, we make a perfect team to cover the light and emotion of any assignment. If you are crying at a wedding, cheering for your team, or wanting lasting family portraits, we capture the moments so that last for a lifetime. Members of PPA and WPPI.

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