Wedding Photo Showcase Winners 2008

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JC Image Design — Artistry that Rocks
San Ramon, CA Wedding Photographer

Photo Equipment:
Canon 5D, 85 1.2L, ISO 100, f2.8, 1/3200. No flash. Image colors and softness enhanced using JC Image Design custom post-processing PS formulas.

This image was taken just before Vanessa and her new hubby went in to get introduced to her adoring friends and family at the stunning Rotunda. A gentle summer breeze was blowing outside, and Vanessa seemed to be floating on air, high from the exchange of vows that happened an hour before. I love the playful, stress-free look on her face, and even though you can’t see her feet you could easily imagine her dancing around with her veil, which is exactly what she was doing. The summer breeze lifted her veil perfectly when I captured this shot, which actually hangs in my home studio. Modern, artistic, stylish yet natural– everything my photography conveys! Awesome.

San Jose, CA at the Rotunda

Techniques: This one of those “coached candids”. My clients love love love that I don’t do everything purely photojournalistic, and that I sometimes get in there and get involved to arrange a shot. With an awesome attitude, coaching can be totally easy going and tons of fun, and my clients actually appreciate it. Here I simply asked Vanessa to step onto a fountain walkway, and feel the summer breeze. She danced around a bit, and together we created magic. I love it!

Khampha Bouaphanh Photography
Fort Worth, TX Wedding Photographer

Photo Equipment:
Canon EOS-1D
ISO 100
shutter speed 1/1000 sec fstop 2.8
lens 70-200 mm focal length 160 mm
manual exposure

The bridal portrait was shot near sunset at a Dallas home. While I had
multiple lights set up for other poses during the session, this was the
simplest set up. Sunlight was the main light and a gold reflector filled
in the shadow on her face. I was trying to show the length of her dress
and how well it flowed with her form.

Jeff Newcum Photography
Natick, MA Wedding Photographer

Photo Equipment:
Canon 5d F/8@125th ISO 100 Manual Program. Flash is off camera actuated by a Pocket Wizard. It’s set on Manual at 1/8th power.
The flash is off to my right at about 45 degrees on a 8ft. light stand.

The image was shot at the Higgins House at WPI in Worcester, Massachusetts. The couple has a friend of the family that drove them to the ceremony in his cherry 56 Ford Sunliner and wow! What a car. I intentionally shot the couple on a dark background and added the road background later. This is one of those times where I new from the start that this shot was going to be a sweet image with a little help from Photoshop. Also, for a situation like this I encourage photographers to walk around your subjects and capture alternate angles. I shot this image straight on, from the side of the car, in the mirror, and from within the vehicle. I took maybe 7 minutes in all to capture 10 different angles. Group pictures followed directly after. Which took 20 minutes. We then followed with 10 minutes of shooting the bride and groom. Think fast, work quickly, and work the location.

ACR and Photoshop CS 2. The background was layer masked in and I added a blur layer for the foreground. Multiple actions were used to enhance contrast and color.

(once like a spark) photography
Atlanta, GA Wedding Photographer

Photo Equipment:
Canon EOS 450D, 24mm, f/3.2, 1/25

This picture was taken almost immediately after the happy couple was wed, in front of an old wooden structure on site. We were drawn to the texture of the wood grain, which contrasts well with the stark black and white of the bride and groom. The groom was asked to dip and kiss his new wife, and the rest fell into place naturally!

Curves adjusted to accentuate wood grain and contrast.

Three Lights Photography, LLC
Middleburg, VA Wedding Photographer

Photo Equipment:
Professional digital Canon camera and pro-series canon lenses with bounce flash.

This photograph was for a bridal model shoot, dresses courtesy of Hitched! of Georgetown, and make-up by Brooke Colton. We tried to keep the renaissance feel by incorporating the antiques, tapestries, and key architectural features into the images and maintaining mostly natural light.

Jennifer Farris – Photographer
Kernersville NC Wedding Photographer

Photo Equipment:
5D with a 85mm lens in manual exposure @ 1/3200sec @ F/1.8

The image pictured was shot at Magnolia Manor in Greensboro, NC.
I owe this image entirely to my clients. They really wanted a “sexy” feel
for to their photographs. Prior to shooting the one on one shots, I coached
the bride to “work” the camera, showed her a few facial expressions, etc.
and she just ran with it. The result was magnificent! This image is
probably my all time favorite image to date.

Anne Lord Photography
Reston VA Wedding Photographer

Photo Equipment:
D200 – Aperture Priority, F6.3 at 1/60th – natural light.

The bride and groom had their ceremony and reception on the Odyssey Cruise line which operates on the Potomac River, Washington, DC

I had taken all the formals prior to the boat departing on the cruise. However, later in the evening I noticed that the sunset and light were particularly good and asked if the couple wouldn’t mind stepping outside for a couple of shots. They were a fun couple – very much in love and very accommodating and this was one of my favorite images.

Techniques: Photographs were processed in Lightroom and touched up in Photoshop

M. Couturier, PhotographerOffices in Nashville TN, Williamsburg VA, Chicago IL

Photo Equipment:
Shot on a Canon 1D MkII camera and 24-70mm f/2.8 lens.

Photo was taken in Virginia Beach at 39th St.
Sarah and Lachlan wanted to stop by the beach on the way from their ceremony in Sandbridge to their reception at Cavalier on The Hill, both in Virginia Beach. I sent them way down the beach to walk around and be alone and told them to turn around and walk back when they felt like they had gone far enough. This way, by the time they were walking back and talking to each other, they would be way more relaxed and have totally forgotten about me.

Techniques: Saturation boosted later in Photoshop.

Your Life Photography
Newport News, VA Wedding Photographer

Photo Equipment:
Canon 5D camera,Canon 24-105mm L lens, ISO of 100, 1/160, f/ 4.5 at 24mm.

The photo was taken at First State Landing Park Virginia Beach, Virginia on July 7, 2007.
I was capturing the wedding of Debbie & Jacob and she expressed to me that she really wanted a photo of her veil blowing in the wind. We sat there and waited until just the right gust came along and this was the result. I couldn’t have asked for anything better than such beautiful subjects on such a wonderful day.
For this photo, I crouched down so that I would appear hidden in the grass and it would make you ask: “How did they get that shot?”

Charlotte Bell PhotographyAustin, TX Wedding Photographer

Photo Equipment:
Camera: Nikon D200 Lens: Nikon 70 – 200 f2.8

The photo was taken in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Photoshop used for sharpening and gaussian blurr

Arising Images, Inc.Sterling Heights, MI Wedding Photographer

Photo Equipment:
Canon 20D using the Canon 17-55 IS L lens at ISO 200 f4 at 1/200th

The photo was taken in Holly, MI
We were walking around downtown Holly and saw those amazing colors on the wall and wanted to use it as the background for a fun wedding picture.

The colors on the wall were later boosted in Photoshop

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