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Have you ever considered a do it yourself wedding? It can help create a very personal impression on your event, just make sure to leave the high level important jobs to the professionals, like wedding photography, food and entertainment. Here is an example of an impressive DIY wedding in Virginia captured by member Beck and Call Photography. Take a look at some favorite shots showing what a fun couple & wedding this was!

I really loved this wedding for sooo many reasons. It wasn’t one of those weddings that spent a ton of money, but they did spend a little time on the DIY wedding details. It was held in the park, and was catered by Famous Daves, which the guests were RAVING about. It was home grown fun, details and food and it just worked in all the right ways. It was a huge DIY success in my opinion, and I think if you polled the guests and the bride they would all say the exact same thing. Definitely not the average wedding. We were down on the water at Jefferson Patterson Park for the ceremony and at one of their shelters for the reception, and I have to say I was more than impressed. In fact, I think I liked it better than many of my very high end budget weddings. The whole feel of the wedding was just amazing. I think I cried as much as the mothers, a hazard of the job, but this was a little more than usual. Very nice indeed.

Beck and Call Photography
Jennifer Catron founded Beck and Call Photography in 2007 and has taken the wedding photography industry by storm. With a quirky sense of style, unlimited hours, an amazing respect for the sanctity of marriage that leads her to the most unobtrusive photojournalistic approach to award winning images and a happy couple.
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