Wedding Gift Registry Etiquette Q&A

Wedding gift registries are extremely helpful and expected by guests. Guests can purchase a gift and know the couple will not only like and use it, but they won’t receive duplicates by other guests. Before heading off to the store with your clipboard in hand, you need to be aware of basic wedding gift registry etiquette.

A guide for Wedding Gift Registry Etiquette:

When Should I Register?

The time to register is 6-12 months before your wedding. Keep in mind that most guests will purchase your gift within the same week of your wedding, so you may want to have another list of gifts to add if there’s not much left to purchase on your original list. If possible, you should keep your registry open for one year after your wedding since it is proper wedding gift registry etiquette to give a gift within that timeframe.

Should I Register Online or In-Store?

Do both! Go to the store to look, feel and touch everything and make your initial decision. Then go online to finish it up, check out the Amazon Wedding Gift Registry online. Amazons variety of items can’t be matched and will make it easy for your guests.

Often, you find more options to complete a collection online than you may find in a store, especially for items such as bed linens and china. As the happy couple, you have the ability to log on at any time to add or delete items as well as see what has already been purchased. And if your site also shows who ordered what, you can easily get a jump on your thank-you notes too.

Your guests get the benefit of not needing to go out shopping, running from store to store searching for the perfect gift. They can go online and quickly and easily find a gift that fits their budget and tastes and one that they know you’ll love.

How Many Stores Should I Register At?

Proper wedding gift registry etiquette says you should register in at least three and definitely no more than four locations. Make sure your list includes a high-end store, an inexpensive store, and a fun option such as sporting goods, grocery or even a charity. People like variety, and while everyone wants to give you a gift that you’ll enjoy, they also will be taking their own budget and personal taste into consideration. So give them a wide range of gift and prices to choose from.

What Should I Register For?

You always want to register for more items than you think you should, across a wide range of prices. This gives your guests the opportunity to choose something in their price range. Plan on having the same amount of midrange and low-cost items and then a smaller group of big-ticket items. Don’t be afraid to ask for something more expensive if you already have many smaller household items. Friends and family may be willing to join together to purchase a joint gift if they know that it’s something you really want.

Regardless of what you register for, just make sure that everything on your list is something that you need and love. Don’t register for an item just because it’s cheap or you think you should. You just might get it!

Should I Include Gift Registry Cards in My Invitations?

It’s not what you register for that can lead you down the wrong path; it’s how you let people know where you’ve registered. And the one thing you should never, ever do is include your gift registry information on or in the invitation. Even in today’s fast-paced world, it’s still considered a wedding gift registry etiquette faux pas. The invite is not the proper place. It implies that in order to attend, a guest must bring a gift. Instead, include the information on your website if you have one. If you don’t have one, rely on good ole word of mouth, and let your Maid of Honor or family spread the word. It’s a lot more tactful.

Should I Ask for Cash?

While cash may be tops on what every bride and groom asks for, for some people, it’s not always deemed socially polite to ask for. It’s a good idea to let parents, attendants and those close to you know cash is preferable so they can spread the word if asked. Also, you can add gift cards to your registry or indicate your preference for them! That way you can use them later, for whatever you want, when the need arises.

A final note on wedding gift registry etiquette: Always keep your guests in mind. The purpose of your gift registry is to offer options for your guests who are looking to give you something you want and need because they want to honor you on your special day!

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