Wedding Photography Registries: A Future Trend

Help Cut Costs without Sacrificing Quality

What’s new in the photography industry? Wedding photography registries! It’s not something everyone has jumped on the band-wagon for yet, though I predict it will be a revolutionary fad. With today’s economy (and more and more brides risking poor results by turning towards amateurs for services), it would certainly benefit both the professional and the customer to offer a more feasible way to offer professional wedding photography without people having to break the bank.

So, how exactly does this work? Similar to how any other registry would work at a retail store. There might be minor differences in details from business to business, but the concept is still the same. Letting shower and wedding guests know you would like a gift of monetary or product contribution is the main idea. For example, the way I work it is to provide customized cards for my clients to match their wedding colors and/or invitations to include when they send them out. Friends and family can then make purchases to either go towards the couples’ wedding package or additional product. Purchasers would then receive a gift certificate of the item so that they have something to wrap or include in a card and present to the bride and groom while gift exchanges occur.

If the gift is product credit, then the couple would obviously be able to redeem that when they’re ready after viewing their wedding images. If the gift is a credit towards their photo package, a deduction would automatically be taken from the bride and groom’s package total. If they have already paid, they would get a product credit instead. Every penny ads up! It’s pretty simple.

It’s important for photographers to find new ways for customers to be able to save money while keeping the professionals in business so that there are quality services to choose from and to keep the pro industry going. To photographers and wedding couples alike, keep thinking creatively!

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Amanda Galloway – Silver Linings Photography, Cloverdale Indiana

Amanda GallowayAmanda Galloway is from Southern CA and has decided to go from city slicker to country girl. She resides in Indiana and specializes in wedding photography and is a member of the BBB, and PPA.

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