How to Choose a Wedding Photographer: Part 1

We understand you may have never hired a professional wedding photographer, its not something you do everyday! Hiring a true professional that you can trust and be comfortable with, that will deliver what you need is what it all comes down to.

We have so many tips from our expert photographers to share with you, and we’ve broken them down to 5 parts for you to enjoy. Take time to review our unique advice on how to choose a wedding photographer to help you make a great decision!

Make Sure You “Click” with your Photographer

“I think the most important thing when looking for someone to photograph your wedding is that you have a connection and feel comfortable with your photographer. If you would not invite your photographer to a social gathering then you should look for someone else. Also, take a close look at their style and approach and see if it matches with your vision of how your photos will look. Lastly, I would say it’s important to have fun and laugh.”
– Riley MacLean Photography, Raleigh, North Carolina

“Make sure you really get to know the person who will spend the most time with you at your wedding. Be 100% comfortable with your photographer and trust that his/her sample work will be representative of what your wedding photography will look like–and want you want. Look past the ego and focus on the heart of the photographer. I tell all my clients that wedding photography is a service business built on one referral and one satisfied client at a time.”
– Tallis Photo, Little Neck, New York

“Have a connection with your photographer from the beginning. For me having a good relationship with the couple means rewarding results.”
– Adel of Adel Photos, Columbia SC

“It’s important to feel comfortable with your photographer since he/she will be with you for several hours before, during, and after your wedding day. Hire the same person who will shoot your wedding.”
– John of Times of Your Life Photography, Lake Worth FL

“When choosing a photographer make sure that you meet with them, you need to choose someone that you feel relaxed with and will ease you on your wedding day. A connection is EVERYTHING!”
– Back2Back Photography, Somerset, Massachusetts

“Look for a photographer with some excitement. Excitement will make great photographs. You want to feel comfortable with you photographer. They are the one professional who will spend the most time with you on one of the most important personal days of your life.”
J. Bartolome Photography Somersworth, NH

“Make sure you feel comfortable and confident in your photographer. They are a huge part of your wedding and will be there for most of the day. Talk to them, meet them if you can, before your big day.”
Jeanne of Vibe Photography Elkhart IN

“Of all of the people that you are hiring to make your day special, your photographer is the one that you will interact with you the most before and after your wedding as well as on the wedding day itself. It is important that not only that you connect with your photographer personally and that you find them easy to communicate with, but that he or she understands your vision of that day and can document that vision in a way that you will appreciate for years to come. Finding the right photographer for you should be a careful process and can be viewed as an investment for the future.

After the day is over and the cake has been eaten, only your cherished photographs will be what remain. Take your time and ask lots of questions. Your photographer will be happy to address any concerns that you may have.”– Virginia of Moment By Moment, Senoia GA

“Above and beyond the regular logics of choosing a photographer, make sure to choose one you gel really well with. There will be a HUGE difference in the final images you receive if you connect on the same wavelength. You’ll know when you’ve made that connection!”
– Larry of Larry Perez Photography, Nationwide & Destination Weddings

“Make sure you really enjoy your photographer. That one person[your photographer] is going to be spending one of the most important days of your life with you. Talent is important. Being a people person is highly important and should be a huge consideration when deciding who is right for you. After all, having fun with your photographer will elicit some of those amazing moments!”– Stacy of The Art Bouquet, Clayton, NC

“On a wedding day, a photographer is the only vendor that is at an arms reach from the bride from early in the morning to late in the evening. With this in mind, when selecting a photographer, personality is most important. Select with your heart and your gut, not your wallet.”
– Veronica LaPlant Photography, LLC, Appleton, WI

“When choosing a photographer, meet with them to make sure your personalities “click”. Meet with more than one photographer and take your time to make a decision. Start early in the process because Saturdays often fill up quickly.”
– Ricardo Blackett Photography, Bear, DE

“Be sure to be comfortable with your photographer and that it is someone who you feel at ease with.”
– Melinda Beth Photography, Somerset, MA

“When booking a wedding make sure a good rapport is established between you and your photographer. A great rapport means a stress free day for both you and your photographer and most importantly beautiful images.”
Ivan of Images by Ivan Fredericksburg VA

“Always make sure that you have a fun and easy going photographer. Some brides don’t realize how important it is to have a photographer that is energetic.”– Jason of Dittmer Modern Photography, Neosho MO

“Find a photographer that you feel comfortable with and who can bring out your best.”
– John of OMadden Photography, Concord, CA

“When hiring a photographer, make sure you connect with him/her, as you will be spending a good 6-8 hours with them! Get reccommendations from past couples your photographer has worked with.”
– Sue of The Wedding Photographers, Rye, NH

“Photography is a give and take relationship between the person being photographed and the photographer. You will feed off each others enthusiasm and build a solid relationship of trust. Make sure you choose a photographer who you are comfortable with and who makes you feel at ease. The photos will be as wonderful as how you felt at the time!”
– Tracy of Tracy Turpen Photography, Swansboro, NC

“Select a professional photographer that you connect with. During your interview if you feel comfortable talking with them and your personalities mesh, hire them. If makes the day that much more enjoyable when you and your photographer have fun…and it will show in your photos. A pre-wedding photo shoot is also a great way to get to know each other.”
– Dawn of Galleria Studios, Fishers, IN

“When choosing a wedding photographer, the most important thing to consider is personality. You will be spending many hours with your photographer, if you are comfortable with your photographer as a person, your photos will benefit greatly.”
– Mark of Marks Brides, Birmingham, AL

“I think it is important to laugh with your photographer. Sounds strange but if you can’t find something on common ground to laugh about at an informal meeting, then it will be terribly difficult on your wedding day when things can be much more tense to be at ease with your photographer. I find that if I can make my clients laugh, I get much more interesting and inviting pictures.”
– Chris of Photoplay Photography, Charlotte, NC

“Pick a photographer that you feel comfortable talking to and working with. It will help you feel relaxed in front of the camera. Your wedding photos will reflect your ease and appear candid.”
– Kristine of Kristine Crawford Photography
Belmont, MI

“Make sure your personality and that of your photographer make a perfect match. You will spend the bulk of your day with this vendor. Be sure you are excited that they are the ‘one’.”
– Lisa of Lisa Marie Photography
Birmingham, AL

“Hire someone that you like who shows you photos that you love. If you don’t like being around your photographer, the pictures and your experience will be a disaster.”
– Leslie of Photography by Leslie Anne
Sherwood, Arkansas

“Remember this is your wedding and you need to spend time with your photographer. You should meet at least twice with your photographer. The photographer needs to know you, what you want and you both need to be comfortable with each other.”
– Amazing-Foto, Georgia

Probably THE most important question that you need to ask yourself before booking a wedding photographer is, “Do I feel comfortable with this person?”
On your wedding day, your photographer will be like your sidekick. His or her job is to focus on you and be as close to the “action” as possible. If you do not feel comfortable around this person, then you probably should not book them because they will be intimately involved in almost every aspect of your wedding day.”
– Noah of Noah J Orr Photography, Honolulu, HI

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