Looking Your Best For Your Wedding Photography

Every Bride wants to look her best on her wedding day, but there’s a lot more to it than great makeup, hair and dress. Looking your best for your photos also includes how you act, pose, smile and feel on your day. The camera will capture it all beyond the dress and makeup! Take a moment to review our wedding photographer tips on looking your best for wedding photography.

Before the wedding day you might want to look at your fiancee’s fingernails, and if he has time have him get a manicure. This way when we take a photo of your hands with your rings on it will be a great portrait.
– Total Vision Photography
Arkansas Wedding Photographer

“The old beauty pageant secret of a bit of vaseline on the front of your teeth can help you smile more easily and realistically in photos.”
– Lauren D. Rogers Photography
Virginia Photographer

“Brides: Be sure the room you are getting dressed in is large with lots of natural sun light! This makes for the best “getting ready” images!”
– Belle Rouge Studio
Blufton, SC Wedding Photographer

“Brides should watch their eye makeup. Too dark may look stylish but less tends to open the eyes better. Find a good makeup artist who works with models, not the retail outlet people.”
– C.van Rensburg Photo
Chandler, AZ Wedding Photographer

“The Bride should remember to hold her bouquet down at waist height to show off that dress she spent a fortune on!”
– Krys of Krys Squires Photography
Denver, Colorado Wedding Photographer

“Advice for great wedding photos:
1. If you are having photos done before the wedding in a dressing room, free it from clutter. The things you need to get ready with are fine. I’m talking about the excess ‘junk’ that you don’t necessarily want in your photos. Such as food, wrappers, dirty clothes and undies…you get the idea.
2. If you have too much light streaming in, try putting white or tan colored fabric on the windows to diffuse some of the light. Too much light is just as bad as not enough.
3. If the church has tattered furniture where you are getting ready, throw pieces of fabric over it.”
– Sonja of Image Matters Photography
Columbia Missouri Wedding Photographer

“Always take plenty of rest on the day of wedding. The pictures will come out relaxed and beautiful!”
– Shahdat of Shahdat Hossain Photography
Los Angeles, California Wedding Photographer

“Eat Eat Eat the day of your wedding……the dress will fit and you will look better and have more fun”
– Davido of Hawaii Photoman, Kailua-Kona, HI Wedding Photographer

“Avoid posing pictures when it isn’t necessary. It always makes for a better picture to capture a genuine moment rather than faking one.”
– Christopher of Tripp ARTS, Conway
AR Wedding Photographer

“For brides- be yourself and have fun. Truly enjoy your day and soak in every moment. It will be reflected in your photographs!”

– Christi of Christi Austin Photography, Roanoke VA Wedding Photographer

“Have fun! You will be looking back at your photos for years to come! Be spunky, outrageous and outwardly emotional.
Allow your photographer to capture those emotions, you WILL treasure them.”
– Jennifer of Jennifer Farris – Photographer, Kernersville NC Wedding Photographer

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