Wedding Ceremony Tips for Great Wedding Photos

Some great wedding ceremony tips from our expert member photographers to help you get the best ceremony photos!

Are you a contemporary couple crafting your own JP ceremony? Don’t trim it to the bare essentials, a quick kiss and an “I do !” I sometimes hear from couples that they want to minimize the formalities, and get to the celebrating. Instead, incorporate meaningful ways of characterizing your vows that will resonate with you and your guests. Does your nephew play the violin? Does your Italian future mother-in-law sing opera? From a photographer’s point of view, the time gained allows for more opportunity to get the right shots.
– Jennifer of Aphrodite Wedding Photography
Portsmouth, New Hampshire Wedding Photographer

“You stand at the altar for 10-20 minutes…when its time to put on the ring, the kiss, take your time, don’t rush through, enjoy the moments. This will also give plenty of opportunity for great unposed photos!”
– John of Jabez Photography, Carson, CA Wedding Photographer

“If you’re having your ceremony outside during the summer months be sure to think about the time of day you want to start. Reciting your vows at temps above 90 degrees in harsh sunlight in your wedding dress and tux can be quite uncomfortable. Also the effect on hair and make up can be interesting. If your ceremony is between 12pm-3pm be sure to stay well hydrated, heat stroke can definitely put a damper on things.”

“When exchanging rings and sharing that first kiss, don’t be afraid to turn towards each other, or even towards your guests. Even though your officiant will be speaking, you do not need to be facing them. Let everyone see these very two special moments!”
– Nick of Nick Corona Photography
Norco, California Wedding Photographer

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