Wedding Photo Ideas for Brides

With so much going on during your ceremony and reception its important to work with your photographer ahead of time, either planning wedding photo ideas together. Here you’ll find some great ideas and advice from our wedding photographer members on how to make sure you get the photo moments you don’t want to miss.

“Since your wedding day is like a blur make sure your photographer takes table shots so you remember all your guests who came to share your special day with you both!”

– Cohart Photography
Florida Wedding Photographer

“See the light! If you are having an outdoor wedding – go to the venue at the same time you are thinking of having your ceremony. Have friends stand in the place you and your finacee’ will – and look how the lighting is falling on you and around you. This will tell you what your photographs will look like.”
– Michelle Robinson Photography
Greensboro, North Carolina Wedding Photographer

“Engaged couples alway ask what should we wear for the engagement shoot?

While you want to be true to yourselves, it is great to have a variety of outfits that create a different mood. It can actually affect they way you feel while being photographed and bring out your fun side, dramatic or sophisticated side. I tell my couples to bring clothes they normally wear and an outfit or two to dress it up a bit. It’s amazing how much fun you can have when your man is wearing a tie and you have on a pair of stilettos! Layers are always good to help change it up and of course make-up and jewelry. I always try to find out what is unique about my couples. What do they love to do together? Do they have rival football teams? Motorcycle gear, or cowboy/girl hats and boots. These are all things that create opportunity for creative fun and bring out your passion for each other in a playful way. As a photographer, I always have a goodie bag full of hats, ties, scarves, stilettos, and jewelry to help out if couples have a limited amount of these things.
Learning your personality helps with choosing locations to shoot and from there you can talk about what kind of outfits would match the location best… however, dressy and grungy scenery is always a personal fav. Talk with your photographer, the more they know about you and what makes your relationship unique a couple the more ideas they can share with you!

Most important!!… It’s so much fun to celebrate your LOVE, make sure you are ready to have a blast during your session and all the photos will be adorable just like you!”
– Beautiful Expressions Photography
Fredericksburg, VA Wedding Photographer

“Destination engagement sessions are not just for the intrepid – special locations might include where you proposed (or were proposed to!), a favorite park, or any locale that has significant meaning and would be cherished in photographs.”
– Three Lights Photography, LLC
Destination Wedding Photographer

Trash the Dress

I have yet to see a bride that does not look spectacular on her wedding day. All the time and effort that goes into finding that perfect dress, the one dreamed of as a little girl. I believe that there is the perfect dress for every bride out there. So the dress is worn for a day and then packed away, probably never to be used again.

So why not spend another day after the wedding getting dressed up for some great creative shots. This could be just the bride who would love to be a model for a day and create lasting images of her in her gown, if the groom would like to be part of the shoot all the better in my opinion.

The aim is create beautiful unique wedding photography that goes beyond the traditional idea of what it should be. This is a fun experience and I highly recommend it to all couples.

The good news is the dress does survive the experience.

– Vendla of Vendla Stockdale Photography
Crawford, Colorado Wedding Photographer

“Let your emotions show on your wedding day. Don’t hold back any affections if you are hoping for those romantic photos you’ve seen in magazines. The photographer will have better photo opportunities and much more to work with! Nuzzle each other’s neck, touch noses, touch each other on the arm or waist, look into each other’s eyes, and take some private moments to “get away” and sneak in a kiss or gaze into each other’s eyes. A good photographer will follow you a few of those times at least and get priceless shots. Be aware of the scenery when you do so.”
– Silver Linings Photography
Cloverdale, IN Wedding Photographer

“For Brides: Increasingly, guests bring their own “point and shoot” cameras to weddings. Surprisingly often, their shots can be great candids. Arrange for your photographer to collect them by email and include the best ones for your album!

– Dan Derby
North Hampton, NH Wedding Photographer

“White is beautiful, but don’t be afraid to throw in some color! A little something unexpected always makes for interesting photos.”
– Amanda of Images by Amanda
Royal Oak, MI Wedding Photographer

“Be open to trying different poses and new things. Some of the best photographs are unplanned.”

– Dan of Markworth Photo, Minneapolis MN Wedding Photographer

” Brides – Thinking about having an indoor wedding? Be sure to ask your coordinator or a staff member about the availability of spot-lighting your stage. Candle light alone is beautiful, but can make dark pictures. A good photographer will utilize the spot light to enhance the subjects only – and can still maintain the ambience the candle lights provide.”

– Nick of Nick Corona, Norco CA Wedding Photographer

“Before the ceremony, brides make sure their dress is pristine. After the ceremony and formals, let go, and have some fun by letting your photographer take unique and fun shots. Like posing in a tree or water.”

– Candice of Candice Brumm Photography, Lino Lakes MN Wedding Photographer

“Brides – always get a photograph with your dad, mom or special family member – alone -somewhere off w/o the crowd – it’s just a great memory. You often don’t have the time to have that special moment but you’ll be glad when you look back 20 years from now that you did take the time. Isn’t that what it’s all about?”

– Alicia of AOC Photography Studio, Brunswick, GA Wedding Photographer

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