Improving Communication With Your Wedding Photographer

The best way to avoid problems down the road is to have an open and honest discussion about your expectations in your wedding photographer and their expectations in you. To do this you need to establish a great relationship and communication with each other.

You’re not just renting wedding cameras and equipment! Your hiring a talented artist who will capture the moments you’ll treasure forever. Review our members advice on communicating so you can make sure you’re both on the same page and leaving nothing to chance.

1. Define Your Personal Style

“I always encourage my brides to collect samples of photos that they love – and photos that they don’t like… when I see these images, it gives me a clear idea of their style!”
– Covenant Photo Studio Fullerton, CA Wedding Photographer

“Clip photos you like from wedding magazines and bring them to your photographer so they can understand the style and feel you are looking for in your wedding photography.”
– Nick of Drew Brashler Photography Phoenix, AZ Wedding Photographer

“Always make sure your photographer knows what kind of style you want for your wedding photos. Some brides prefer B&W, others want all photojournalistic, and some want purely traditional. Your photos should be done ‘your way’. Its your wedding!”
– Jessica of Jessica Nigro Photography, Hollywood, FL Wedding Photographer

“I encourage all of my brides to tear out images from magazines that they LOVE and that they don’t. These images communicate to me what style the bride truly is.”
– Covenant Photo Studio California Wedding Photographer

2. Make Time for an Engagement Session

“Don’t avoid the engagement session your photographer is offering before the wedding, this is actually the best way to get to know the way he/she works.
Look for wedding photo ideas in bridal magazines and show them to your photographer so he/she knows your style.”
– Unique Visions Studio New York Wedding Photographer

“My advice for every bride and groom would be to make time for an engagement session. This is the time to really get to know the photographer and to feel comfortable with him/her.”
– Eric Greer Photo Gilbert, Arizona Wedding Photographer

“Think of the engagement session as a moment to get to know the photographer and enjoy each other. Relax and have fun so that your romantic story is captured.”
– Temeka of Ringer Photography Decatur, GA Wedding Photographer

3. Appoint a “Go To” Person

“Make sure you have a relative, friend, or possibly your coordinator available to the photographer during posed shots so that he/she can point out close family members needed for those important photographs.”
– Bayer Photography Hamburg, AR Wedding Photographer

4. Create a List of “Must Have” Photos

“Be sure to make a list of the photographs that you want taken of your family & friends. Hand it in to the photographer prior to the event to make sure that no one gets missed.”
– Aurora of Aurora De Luca Photography Boston Area Wedding Photographer

“I would recommend writing down your desires so that your photographer can make sure they capture everything that you have envisioned.”

– Stacey of Your Life Photography Newport News VA Wedding Photographer

5. Keep in Contact Before Your Wedding Day

“Spend time with your photographer before your wedding day. Sit down for coffee, or chat with them on the phone or email. As a photographer, I will not just show up at the wedding completely unaware of what the couple likes, their personality and ideas. As a bride or groom you should expect the same!”
– Mandy Smith Photography Birmingham AL Wedding Photographer

“After you have chosen your photographer, keep in contact with them periodically until the wedding day. By doing so, your photographer will get to know you a little better and be able to photograph more of what you envision of your wedding day photographs.”
Stacy of Restoring Memories Photography Tucson AZ Wedding Photographer

Photo Credits: Marci Curtis – Photojournalist, Jessica Nigro Photography, Nathan Moreau Photography

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