Wedding Reception Tips for the Best Photos

Looking for ideas on which reception venue will work great for wedding photography? Or ideas to make your reception a fun and unique event? Professional Wedding Photographers have seen it all! Take advantage of their ideas, insight and experience below to help plan a great wedding reception.

“The biggest tip I can give brides and grooms is to take into account the lighting at an event. For a very small fee you can take a normal venue to one of elegance just by adding uplighting, and the pictures take on an entirely different air to them.”

– Jennifer of Beck and Call Photography
Virginia Wedding Photographer

“Brides. Want to avoid a receiving line at the reception? Be sure to move around. Having a few people in line to wish you well isn’t a bad thing but having 50 people in line can prevent you from having fun. Ask a bridesmaid or groomsmen to keep an eye out for the dreaded ‘long receiving line’ and have them politely step and in and request your presence for a guest across the room.”

– Travis of Travis Bell Photographers
West Columbia, SC

“Ive been to hundreds of receptions, and most brides choose a reception location with lots of different criteria. I have a few of my own criteria that you might want to consider. First, what does the ceiling look like. It’s probably the one area that most people forget about. A simple of addition of lit globes means the difference of elegance or disaster. You might think that the gawdy random chandelier looks nice in person, but is somewhat of an eyesore in photographs. The other mostly forgotten criteria is lighting. Most people have never heard of hiring a lighting specialist, but again, it’s the difference between night and day. Some uplighting on walls can transform an ordinary ballroom into an enchanting fantasy.”

– Jennifer of Beck and Call Photography
Virginia Wedding Photographer

“Sparklers are incredible for the get-a-way at the end of the night. Be sure to have PLENTY of lighters. The neat little match books are great mementos, but are horrible for lighting the sparklers. By being able to allow everybody to light theirs at the same time, you will help ensure a wonderful photo as you make your exit.”

– John of Blair Weddings
Mountain Home AR

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