Wedding Ideas, Advice & Tips for Brides

Do you think over the years your wedding photographer has seen a lot of weddings and knows what will work, what won’t, and what you should watch out for? Of course they do. Here you’ll find a wide variety of advice, ideas and tips for brides that can make your day go from good to great!

Have an unplugged wedding ceremony! Keep your guests present in the moment by requesting they turn their cameras and phones off and just enjoy the day with you.
– Onsite Minnesota Photogrpahy
Minnesota Wedding Photographer

“It’s the day you have been waiting for, be sure to escape your family and friends even the photographers just for a few minutes.
Embrace each other and let each other know how happy you really are!”
– Back2Back Photography Inc
Massachusetts Photographer

“Above all, remember that this day is about the person you’re committing to spend the rest of your life with. It’s not about the flowers, the cake, the bridesmaids, the event. It’s about your love and relationship with that handsome guy who won your heart.

Do what YOU want to do for your wedding! Never do anything because someone else wants you to.

Stop and look around every few minutes at your wedding. Take it all in. It goes by so fast.

To photographers and brides…RELAX! Something will probably go wrong at some point. It doesn’t really matter!”
– Taken by Sarah
North Carolina Wedding Photographer

“Bring a snack to the wedding on which you can nibble. Running around, posing, and working out last minute details is taxing – be prepared!”
– DayMeetsNight Photography
Chapel Hill, North Carolina Wedding Photographer

“It’s the day you have dreamed of since you we’re a little girl. Remember to slip away from your family and guests with your new husband even if it’s just for a few minutes. You’ll be surprised how many couples love this idea.”
– Back2Back Photography
Somerset, Massachusetts Wedding Photographer

“Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life, don’t let the weather get you down. Bright sunny skies are not always a good thing, but a cloudy day or after a storm the sky will provide a very dramatic look. Dramatic skies and the use of umbrellas can make for wonderful photographs.”
– Back2Back Photography
Somerset, MA Wedding Photographer

“With all the time and trouble you put into your wedding you want to make sure you personalize it as much as possible. One way to do that is by including photographs of the wedding couple at the reception. We’ve all been to receptions that have dozens of tables each designated by a table number. Instead of using table numbers use photographs of the bride and groom that they have taken during their time together before the wedding. If they have traveled together and have photographs from many locations you can use those locations to “name” each table. The place cards that the guests pick up when they arrive at the reception would include the name of their table. Instead of going straight to a numbered table the guests would then need to browse through all of the tables to find their own. This also gets people talking to other people instead of just the people sitting at their table.

– Will of Forever Images LLC
Michigan City, Indiana Wedding Photographer

“To make your wedding favors more unique, think about incorporating your engagement photograph into them. We include the engagement photograph as part of the wedding package so when the wedding couple come in to have the photographs taken they leave with a CD of the image files. This makes it simple to incorporate these photographs into the wedding favors as well as the invitations or save-the-date cards. I have seen some very charming and inovative ways to use the photographs. We had one bride that printed the photograph and wedding information on a mailing label and then apply the label to the small champagne bottles she was give as a wedding favor. I have had several couples create a Cd of the wedding music and use their engagement photograph as the cover. A couple of years ago we had a couple where the groom was a big hockey fan. Their favor was a hockey puck with the engagement photograph one one side. In a recent meeting we had with a couple getting married next year we decided to do a baseball card (the groom plays for a AA team). The options are only limited by your imagination.

– Will of Forever Images LLC
Michigan City, Indiana Wedding Photographer

“Engagement or Couple Sessions:
a Great way to get ready for your Wedding day shoot.. Its an ideal way to connect with your photographer and brainstorming ideas.

Trash the Dress Sessions:
AWESOME, these are just absolutely awesome. We do just about everything and anything in your wedding dress. No worries about getting your outfits dirty or being late for the reception. Its relaxed, fun and experimental! A MUST. Talk to your photographer as an add on to your package.”

– Adele of Picksee Photography
South Carolina Wedding Photographer

“A lot of brides that we have spoken to are offering disposable cameras during the reception. But we have also heard from a number of brides who have had their guests take them home with them. One idea is a gift basket and enter their names for a drawing when they turn in their camera after taking photos. Another idea was to have one person in charge of getting the camera’s rounded up before everyone leaves.”
Denise of Hope Haven Photography Stanwood WA

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