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As we enter a new year, we are already seeing some huge trends pop up, whether they have been carried over from last year or are all-new. A trend by definition is the general direction in which something tends to move. We are bombarded with new ideas from social media, celebrity weddings, Internet and other publications, so of course one of a bride’s priorities is usually keeping up with current wedding trends 2012.

Some brides choose vibrant colors for their big day while others opt for a simple and subtle palette. A hot color you will see everywhere right now is tangerine. The time of year you get married will always play a part in your color choices. Spring usually brings pastels, summer colors are bright and joyous, fall is cozy with crimson, chocolate brown, and burnt oranges, while a winter wonderland can be created with white, black, silver, or ice blue.

White wedding dresses will forever be popular but now a splash of color in the shoes, handbag, belts, or sashes is going to be seen more and more. You will see lots of ruffles, lace, and detail in the dress. There will be those daring brides that choose to go with a colored dress, seen notably by Vera Wang and Monique Illhulier designs. Tiaras and head pieces are still used widely, and could make you feel like anything from a supermodel to a princess.

The bridal party is showing some signs of change as well. The monochromatic look is moving into a new direction as the girls are wearing alternate color dresses and/or shoes. Their bouquets are no longer matching and groomsmen are wearing more simple style suits.

The big themed weddings seems to be Vintage & Rustic. Crystal, pearls, rhinestones and elegant items seem to be big on the list. Cool lampshades, Tiffany lights, antique vases and tree branches are being incorporated into table centerpieces. Smaller and more intimate receptions are on the rise as well along with destination weddings. Brides are becoming more budget conscious and many are considering the DIY wedding. If you have the Martha Stewart knack and the time, you may be surprised just how nice it can be done at an affordable price!

Invitations are more creative and unique than ever. You will not only see paper being used but some couples are moving towards Digital invitations.

The traditional “sign-your-name” guest book is being pushed aside and couples are coming up with new and innovative ideas. The couples want to create a guest book with more of a personal touch and a keepsake for the them to look at over the years. Items like a photo album, scrapbook, and time capsule are being considered.

The sweet table is no longer just the wedding cake. Now we are seeing candy bars, cookies and milk, chocolate fountain, cake pops, ice cream bars, cotton candy machines, popcorn and specialty coffees. This is such a fun way to have your dessert and the guests love it too!

Yes, trends come and go and we all want to keep up with them but if you are the type of person who loves tradition then you can choose to have a very simply and classic wedding. You know that classic black dress in your closet that never goes out of style? Well, this saying can also apply to weddings!

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