10 DIY Wedding Food Bars and Stations

Waffle Bar at Wedding

DIY Wedding Food Bars and Stations for your reception are a great way to create a relaxed atmosphere and interactivity with your guests. You can have a food station for your cocktail hour, main meal, or dessert, and the possibilities are endless! Here are our 10 favorite DIY Wedding food bars and stations for your inspiration:

Popcorn Bar

Popcorn Bar at wedding
Photo by: Hostess with the Mostest Blog

A popcorn bar at your wedding reception is a great late night snack for your guests. You can have a popcorn machine with fresh popped popcorn or pre-popped. Offer all different flavors of popcorn like cheese or caramel, or get creative by providing different toppings or mix-ins for the guests to add to the popcorn themselves. Some shakeable toppings ideas are parmesan cheese, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper. Some mix-in ideas are M&Ms, peanuts, bacon bits, dried cranberries, and raisins.

Doughnut Bars

Doughnut Station at Wedding

Photo by: Kojo-Designs

Doughnut bars for your wedding reception are a great idea for dessert. You can lay out a variety of donuts like glazed, jelly, cream filled, cider, cinnamon, doughnut holes and more. Or, you can have a build your own doughnut bar with plain donuts and have your guests choose their toppings. There are so many different topping ideas for donuts like chocolate sauce, nuts, jimmies, chocolate chips, fresh cut fruit, powdered sugar etc. Your guests will have a blast!

S’mores Station

S'mores station at Wedding

Photo by: Lovely Girls Weddings

A gourmet s’mores station at your wedding will be a hit with your guests of all ages. It’s interactive with a beautiful presentation, plus its so much fun!

Waffle Bar

Waffle Bar at Wedding

Photo by: BLovely Events

If you’re having a morning wedding, a waffle bar is a great food idea! But, honestly, waffles can be eaten just about any time of the day, don’t you agree? Freshly made waffles with some fresh fruit, syrups, sugar, sprinkles, and whipped cream sounds like dessert to me!

Grilled Cheese Bar

grilled cheese station at wedding

Photo by: A Country Wedding

There’s nothing like comfort food, and grilled cheese is just that. Offer an assortment of breads and cheeses, tomato & bacon. Grilled cheese is a classic that goes well with wine!

Taco Station

Taco station at Wedding

Photo By: Santa Barbara Wedding

Taco bars are an inexpensive and fun food for your wedding reception! It can be the main course or even a late night snack.

Milkshake Bar

Milkshake Bar at Wedding

Photo by: The Sweetest Occasion

Everyone loves a milkshake, and it makes a perfect dessert for your wedding! You can have all different flavors with toppings for your guests to choose from.

Frozen Yogurt Bar

Frozen Yogurt Station at Wedding

Photo by: Budget Brides Guide

A Frozen yogurt bar is a fun alternative to the traditional wedding dessert. It’s a perfect option for a summer wedding, and there are so many different flavors and toppings for your guests to choose from.

Candy Buffet Station

Candy Bar at Wedding

Photo by: Wedding By Color

The candy buffet station can be an amazing display for your wedding, and not to mention delicious too! You can go crazy and match the candy colors to your color scheme, or just have every color you can imagine, because let’s face it, all candy no matter the color looks beautiful! Give your wedding reception a sweet ending.

Hot Chocolate Bar

Hot chocolate station at wedding

If you’re having a winter wedding you can keep your guests warm with a hot chocolate bar. Have a variety of hot chocolates to chose from like milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white cocoa, and mocha. Have whipped cream and mix-ins like marshmallows, chocolate shavings, cinnamon sticks, or candy canes for a holiday twist.

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