10 Fun and Unique Wedding Photo Ideas

So you want fun, cool, classic pictures. And you don’t want to look “posed”. I totally understand. Looking at my wedding photographs, there are only a handful that I really, truly love. A unique wedding photo capturing the moments when I see the joy, the laughter, and all of the fun that we had on that day.

The best part about my favorites? They were ALL posed. Every. Single. One. Yet, they don’t look like it. Everyone always comments on those poses. And they’re completely shocked that they were planned.

How can you achieve these effortless fun and unique poses? Talk to your photographer, of course. I found that it helped to have some ideas, so I’ve complied a few that you can share. Between the three of you (your finace, your photographer, and yourself), I know that you’ll find some fantastically unique poses and locations that perfectly fit your theme.

Find a tire swing

Get pictures of the groom pushing the bride. The bride can also push the groom. If you have kids, get a pic of the bride and groom pushing them, or them pushing the bride. There is a LOT you can do with an old tire.

Find a restaurant

Or a cool coffee shop, or a bar…just find a cool bistro table. Sit across from each other, share a drink, share cake, gaze fondly at each other.

Jump on a trampoline

You know all of the photos you’re seeing lately with everyone jumping? Why not get a picture of you on a trampoline? Or just jump off the ground if you can’t find one. Just remember to hold hands!

Dig into the gift

Surround yourself with all of your gifts, a few opened, piles of wadded up wrappings, and look bewildered. I promise it makes a cute shot.


Find an awesome old tree. If you live in the South, find a Live Oak. Sit on it, sans shoes, and make out. Remember the old rhyme?

Go to a busy intersection

I love shots where the world just seems to STOP. Go to a busy intersection, busy street corner, or ask your guests to move around and stand very still. It will look like time just stopped, all for you.

What other ideas do you have for amazingly memorable photos?

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