10 Steps on How to Close the Sale

In addition to knowing how to Market to Brides in a way that reels them in consistently and constantly, you have to know how to close the sale! After all, what happens when you get a line of brides filing in to work with you and not a single one signs on the dotted line? ZERO sales that’s what happens. Not so fabulous is it? So, here’s what works virtually every time.

Closing the sale starts way before your initial consultation with the Bride. If you’re waiting to get her in the hot seat to show how awesome you are and why she should hire you, you’ve already lost the game!

Closing the sale effortlessly means having the bride PRE-sell herself on your services. You want her saying That’s EXACTLY what I Need! I want YOU for my wedding day! all before she ever meets with you!

  1. Have a website that generates leads. (Does this sound familiar? It should!) That means, you have to actually CAPTURE the brides information immediately when she lands on your site. And, closing the sale actually starts right then and there when you give her sneak peeks at your expertise through your website, with your packages, free info, and portfolio examples, she’ll already start making her decision.
  2. Then, as you speak to her weekly through your ezine, you’ll start to win her over. Brides will learn how you are her problem-solver, how you are an expert at what you do, and she’ll see real examples of what your knowledge can do for her wedding day. She’s ALREADY deciding that YOU are the PERFECT person for her wedding!
  3. Make sure to direct Brides to your Bride Testimonials in your magic email. This is HUGE! Nothing sells a bride on your services better than another Bride raving about how incredible you are and how you are an invaluable asset for her wedding day! Use these testimonials to your to your benefit – they are one of your biggest tools in closing the sale!
  4. In all your marketing copy online AND in every email you sent out, tell your brides why you do what you do, what makes you different and what sets you apart from the others. What makes you different? Special? Why are you perfect for her? Tell her! This is NOT the time to be shy!
  5. Confirm your complimentary consultation one or two days prior, including reminders to read your testimonials and refer to your services online. Basically, request that she does some homework prior to your meeting so that she’s ‘fresh’ on why you’re so fantastic.
  6. Be yourself. In your consultation, it’s so very important to be yourself, injecting a lot of personality into your limited time together. At this point, the Bride has generally already made her decision. Your job is to make her feel comfortable and secure that yes, indeed you’re the perfect match for her wedding day. You can only do this by being you; not by pretending to be someone you THINK she wants to see. If she didn’t already love your personality, she wouldn’t be sitting in front of you!
  7. Ask important, thoughtful questions AND LISTEN to her answers. Most wedding vendors make the mistake of not knowing when to HUSH and just BE THERE for the bride. I can’t tell you how many times Brides have said to me: “Natalie, you are the ONLY person who has asked me these questions and actually listened to what I had to say. I can tell that you sincerely care about what we want for our wedding day.” What do you think this will mean to the bride? Everything!
  8. Paint the Picture of what their wedding day will be like as a result of hiring you. Create that visual for them, walk them through the process, and describe each package accordingly. Don’t be stuffy or too formal. It feels like a hard sale and NO ONE likes that!
  9. Ask for the sale. Simply ask. Which package would you like? When would you like to start? Don’t ask yes or no. Ask which and when! This is a huge difference!
  10. Follow-up. Regardless of whether the Bride books on the spot or not, always, always, follow-up with a thoughtful, hand-written thank you note. Tell her how you can’t WAIT to help her create her fantasy wedding and how you’d be HONORED to be a part of it! In a time when NO ONE is writing thank you notes anymore (I mean real, hand-written/NON email thank you notes), you will definitely STAND OUT for the bride!

Your Bride Attraction Assignment:
If you follow these 10 simple guidelines, you’ll start closing the sale without fail immediately in your business. Make sure to implement these in your business right now to start seeing real results in your sales! Steps this small will open HUGE doors in your business! If you want to learn more, sign up for my free 60 minute audio course on How to Close the Sale Without Fail at www.BrideAttraction.com

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After owning and operating one of the most successful wedding planning businesses for 6 years at a very young age, Natalie was asked by hundreds of wedding professionals to teach them how she rose to success so quickly and easily. From that, the Bride Attraction System was created, and Natalie has now become known as the Bride Attraction Expert, educating thousands of wedding professionals all over the world on how to attract more brides, make more money and have more freedom to enjoy it. Make sure to get your free audio course on “How to Close the Sale Without Fail” at BrideAttraction.com.

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