10 Unique Wedding Photo Poses & Ideas

Bride & Groom Kiss in Grass

Looking for some inspiration and guidance on unique wedding photo poses and ideas for must-haves?

We’ve gathered together 10 of our favorite unique wedding photo poses that are not only cute, but will most definitely set your photos apart from the rest.


1. Hold an ampersand sign between the two of you for a cute engagement pose.

Photo by Kimberly Jarman
Ampersand Wedding Photo

2. Groom gives you a Romantic Kiss lying in the grass

Photographs by Anjuli

Bride & Groom Kiss in Grass

3. Each of you hold your parents wedding photo

KLP Photography

Hold Parents Wedding Photos

4. Spell the word L-O-V-E with your hands

Rebecca Fitzpatrick Photography

Bride & Groom Spell Love

5. Have your groom wrap you in his jacket

Megan Small Photography

Groom wrap bride in jacket

6. Wedding party or Bride & Groom jump in a pool

True Photography

Bride & Groom jump in pool

7. Bride & Groom swing on a swing set

Red Bird Hills

Bride & Groom swinging

8. Bride & Groom jump on a bed together

Jennifer Rau Photography

Brride & Groom Jump on Bed

9. Bride & Groom pose with your pet

Reilly Images

Dog in Wedding Photo

10. Have your groom give you a kiss on your forehead

Amelia Lyon Photography

Forehead Kiss Wedding Photo


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