3 Easy Ways to Revive Your Wedding Business Website

I know. You’ve been meaning to revamp your wedding business website for months…maybe years, but it just seems like such a huge undertaking. It may seem like an eye sore to your business image, but not all hope is lost. Even if you don’t think you have a whole lot of time or energy to pour into it right this minute, I’ve got a few easy tips for you to get back on track.

  1. Clear the Clutter

    One of my goals in December was to clear the clutter in my drawers and notebooks before the start of 2012…and I feel so liberated now that I have! One way to restore your excitement about your website is to simply get rid of the gunk and clean that puppy up.

    Online, whitespace is sometimes as effective as content. It allows your visitors to focus in on one key message, rather than be distracted by other widgets competing for their attention. You don’t need every badge you’ve ever received in your sidebar and you don’t need to advertise every service or program you offer on every page. For now, while you’re in-limbo with your website, just pick ONE single compelling message or call to action for each individual web page and remove anything else that doesn’t support that message. Tackle 1-2 pages per week and in just a few short months, you’ll start to see a difference.

  2. Schedule TLC Time

    Nothing fuels your website better than a little loving care. If you’ve been neglecting your webpages or blog, just pick a few hours on your least busiest day of the week to create some fresh new content. Then, be super duper consistent about always setting that time aside every week to add new stories, posts, testimonials, portfolio images, FAQs, videos…whatever!

    Just create a non-negotiable appointment with yourself every week to add and edit your site content until it finally feels like a living, breathing extension of your business again.

  3. Budget for Breakthroughs

    Bandaid fixes only work for so long, but it’s certainly better than nothing so don’t let that stop you from doing what you can on your own for now. Still, in the end, you will need a customized strategy for turning your website into an actual lead generator, instead of just an online brochure. You want it to bring you new bridal contracts, right? If so, then in the long haul, you’ll have to take it seriously and not treat it like a passing fad.

    It’s ok if you’re not ready just yet to get all the answers you need for how to create a website that books up your calendar each year…but you will want to some day soon. So, here’s how to prepare for that:

    • Give yourself a deadline – choose a specific and firm date for when you’ll move from having an online brochure to a sales tool that fills your event calendar each year
    • Set aside your pennies – saving a little bit every week will add up fast. You’ll want to budget in the thousands, not hundreds. Your level of investment typically reflects your level of return.
    • Write down the end result you want to achieve from your website so you’ll know the strategy you’re building toward, such as “I want to attract 100 targeted bridal visitors every day”, “I want to add 10 new brides to my lead list each week, “I want to convert 3 leads and/or visitors into wedding inquiries every week”

Follow these 3 steps to give your website a quick revival this new year without feeling totally overwhelmed.

What about you? Which area of your website are you going to tackle first? Which is the one giving you the most grief?

About the Author:

Kathy DalPra, Bridal-preneur, Web Designer and SEO Enthusiast

Following the unsuccessful launch of her first bridal line, Kathy turned lemons into lemonade by becoming an expert at getting more brides to visit, inquire and buy on her website. When her peers noticed her quick success online, they asked her how to book more brides through their websites too. So Kathy started using her formula to help other wedding pros create the website of their dreams that attracts their ideal couple like a magnet and generates more wedding inquiries than ever before.

To learn more about Kathy’s formula, download her free report “The 4 Step Formula to Booking More Brides on Your Website” at BrideAppeal.com/report.

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