Want to Look Great in Your Wedding Dress? Here are 5 Easy Tips!

Your big day is quickly approaching. What is one of the most important things when it comes to being prepared? Looking your best in your wedding dress! Follow these 5 tips to make sure you look great in your wedding dress:

1. Shop Early

No matter what our personality or age, almost every woman has an idea of how she’d like to look on her wedding day. No matter whether you’re getting married in a court room, in a house of worship, or on the beach, we all want the perfect dress. Regardless of style, the best way to ensure you look flawless is by planning ahead. Because it’s never too early to shop and buy your wedding dress.

Why? Because it’s not just about the time it takes to find the right dress. That takes enough time as it is, even if you know exactly what you want. If you’re purchasing from a designer, you’ll need at least six months in order to ensure that it arrives in time. And even if you’re purchasing something in stock, don’t forget you’ll also need to factor in alterations, which can sometimes take several weeks if not months to complete depending on their workload.

2. Don’t Forget About the Undergarments

Undergarments are the foundation for your whole dress and can make you go from feeling great all the way to fabulous.
It may seem like an extra expense, but this is not the time to wear your regular bra and panties! To make sure that you absolutely and positively look your best, you really need to purchase the proper undergarments to ensure that you are sleek and shapely in your gown.

Ask your bridal associate at the dress shop for recommendations. They’ll be able to give you the best advice. Having the right foundations underneath will really help your dress to lie properly against your body so you look amazing.

And even though it may seem like an unnecessary cost when you may never use them again, it’s important not to scrimp. Because when standing in front of all of your friends and families on your most important day, no one wants to see you pulling at your bra or visible panty lines!

3. Consider the Extras

While the dress is always spectacular by itself, you’ll also want to purchase the extras like your veil or hairpiece (if you so choose), jewelry and your shoes. Who can forget the shoes? Don’t shop on looks alone; make sure they are both pretty and comfortable. After all, any shoe, no matter how much it costs, can get mighty uncomfortable after 10 or 12 hours on your feet. Especially if they aren’t broken in. So do yourself a favor, and for at least one month before the wedding, wear your bridal shoes around the house for 20 minutes a day at least three days a week to help them conform to your feet. Your feet will thank you.

4. Wrap It Up

Love that strapless dress, but think it might be a little too bare? Wraps are a great way to give you some extra coverage whether for religious reasons or just to keep the chill away. Plus, it’s a great way to add some extra style! From going with something simple like a pashmina to having a dressmaker custom create a design, the choices are limitless.

5. Expect the Unexpected

Don’t let a wardrobe malfunction keep you from looking and feeling your best. Prepare for any mishaps by having a wardrobe kit on hand for the big day. Things to include that will help solve any emergencies:

  • Hollywood tape (so straps and bodices stay in place)
  • Sewing kit (including buttons and safety pins)
  • White chalk for stains
  • Stain-remover wipes
  • Deodorant-removing sponges (for colored dresses)
  • White gaffers tape (to patch tears)
  • An extra pair of comfortable shoes

Most importantly, don’t stress about how you look in your dress. As long as you are prepared and follow these 5 simple tips you will look great in your wedding dress!

About the Author:

Adriana Rose, Bridal Beauty Expert

A makeup artist, skincare expert, and overall bridal beauty expert. Her focus is keeping brides up to date with makeup, beauty, and health advice and tips. Her extensive time working with brides and models allowed her to develop special skills and knowledge in bridal beauty.

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