5 Must-Have DIY Wedding Photo Props

I happen to be a huge fan of fun photography. Last year, photo booths were all the rage…who am I kidding? They’ll probably be all the rage again this year. However, I think that wedding photography is definitely leaning more on DIY wedding photo props this year.

I’m not advocating giant top hats and oversized glasses, although those can be lots of fun for silly photos…no, I’m talking about subtle props that enhance, rather than take over your wedding pictures.

So you like the idea…but how can you incorporate some cool props, and for that matter, what props should you use?

My all-time favorite props are letters. I absolutely love, love, love initials, and they make great props. They’re cheap, and easy to personalize, and they make a great statement. Hold up your monogram, your last name…there are tons of possibilities. The best part about using stylish letters? You’re not going to look back at your photos in 20 years and wonder “what were we thinking?!”

Do you like sparkle? I know that I can’t get enough, and I’m completely enamoured with shoe bling this wedding season. From decals that say “I do” to “She said YES!”, you can bling out the bottom of your shoes and make for some truly memorable photographs. Besides, what girl doesn’t want to have a little sparkle?

Another wedding favorite seems to be unique bouquets. Sure, you could walk down the aisle with a pinwheel, but I’m betting you want something a little more traditional (and if not, more power to you!). Use your creative side to help aid your photographer get some awesome shots. Give all of the bridesmaids pinwheels and the groomsmen yo-yo’s…just make sure that you don’t go too over the top. That’s what the photo booth is for.

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  1. James Thorpe, January 29, 2012 12:58 pm - 5 Must-Have DIY Wedding Photo Props

    An interesting idea, as the photographer, I’ve always tried to record what happens rather than influence things. I might try this for my next wedding though when I’m doing the romatic B&G shots…

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