5 Steps To Close the Deal with Brides

OMG, wedding season is about to be in full swing. Don’t have the calendar all booked up yet? Well, you’re in luck. I find that Feb/March is the best times to book up those last minute wedding planning brides! Having steady inquiries coming in but just can’t seal the deal? No worries. Here are my top 5 steps to close the deal with brides.

1. Stay in Constant Communication with the Bride
Haven’t heard from her in few days? Email her and see if there is anything else you can help her with or if she has questions about your packages. Email them until they say they have went with another photographer, don’t be spammin’ them up but just make sure to follow up!

  • Send them wedding tips that you have on your blog.
  • Did you just add a stellar engagement or wedding on your blog? Send them that so they can see the most recent work.
  • Have you shot at their venue? Send them all sessions/weddings that you’ve shot there.

2. Same Day Inquiry Notice
Have multiple people contact you about shooting their wedding on the same date? Let all the brides know that you have other brides interested in their wedding date. This creates a sense of urgency when booking you because they don’t want to lose the chance of someone else snapping you up!

3. Keep Connected at the Consults
Did they set up a meeting with you? Perfect! Don’t tell them your whole life story on how you got started, why you love what you do, what awards you’ve won, blah blah blah. Make it all about them. People love talking about themselves and when you ask questions about them and their wedding it makes them feel like you care. This will create a more personal experience setting you apart from your competitors who probably go on and on and ON about their photography credentials.

4. Make a Custom Package
Have a bride that wants something different than what you are offering? Don’t be afraid to create a custom package for them based off their photography needs. Not everyone has the same needs, so don’t be afraid to go a little WILD and provide a customized package.

5. Be Quick with Response Times
This last one is the most important. Are you taking forever answering these brides? That could be the one major problem and probably the easiest problem to fix. Think about this… you want this graphic designer to design you a logo and use their services. The only problem is they are taking what seems like YEARS to answer you back, even though in real life that may be just a few hours. Still annoying right? Yep. You contacted another graphic designer who you liked decently enough not as much as the first one but they were still good. They wrote you back like WOH, super fast. You wrote them a question, BUH-ZING, they respond right away. Which graphic designer do you think you are more likely to go with? The faster you can answer these brides the higher your chances are at booking them.

Well, there you have it! My top 5 steps on closing the deal and booking brides faster than you can click your camera! DAAAAAAAAAANG “ now that’s fast! 😉

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