6 Unforgettable Theme Wedding Ideas

A theme wedding can make your special day memorable for both you and your guests. There are plenty of ways to go about planning one; depending on how complicated you want your theme to be. You can go as far as asking your guests to wear something specific in order to fit in with the chosen concept, or carry out the theme simply amongst yourself and the rest of your wedding party.


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This can be as simple as choosing two colors and sticking with them, having everything from outfits worn by the bridesmaids and groomsmen and the flowers match, to something complicated, like instructing your guests to wear only one of the two colors. This latter idea will make your wedding pictures look great, especially if you can have parts of the ceremony space and reception hall match the colors as well. You can even carry it on to the food and drinks, serving only ones that fall into the chosen color categories.


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Your favorite movie, whether it is a sci-fi classic or a romantic tearjerker, makes an excellent wedding theme. Play the movie’s theme song while walking down the aisle, base your reception menu on something eaten in the movie (if possible, depending on the movie) and have your guests come dressed as their favorite characters.


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This is a great theme that can reflect the season in which your wedding is taking place, for example, autumn, if you are getting married in October, or just your favorite season altogether, no matter what month your wedding is planned for. To pull off an autumn theme, use colors from that season, like red and gold, for everything from the reception tablecloths to the bridesmaids’ dresses. Make autumn leaves out of paper, and use them as placeholders. Leave a small bag of candy, for example, ones made from maple syrup, for each guest.


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A nature theme can be similar to a seasonal one, or you can take your cues from nature in general. Decorate your reception space using live plants as centerpieces, serve only organic food, and give out packets of flowerseeds as party favors. Base your entire wedding on simple, natural colors like green and blue, and have your cake made in the shape of a small tree stump – anything is possible with this theme!


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Having your pets play a part in the ceremony is one thing, but basing your entire wedding day around them is another. Use stuffed animals as placeholders at your reception, insist on your guests giving donations to your favorite animal charity in lieu of gifts, and decorate your reception hall with patterns inspired by your favorite pet, for example, striped tablecloths that look slightly like the stripes on your cat’s fur coat.


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A literary themed wedding might be a little tricky to pull off, especially if you choose to base it on a book that not many of your guests have read. Avoid this by including a few notes – a brief description, some bullet points, or a series of lines from the book – along with your invitations. Or choose a best-seller or classic that many people are familiar with. If nothing else, make sure that your wedding dress, as well as the outfits worn by your bridesmaids, match the time period of the book, so that your guests understand at least part of your wedding theme.

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