Wedding Albums – Flush Mount vs Matted

If you’re having trouble choosing between a Matted album and a Flush mount album for your wedding, it’s very likely because it’s confusing! (especially if you’re not familiar with book-making) I’ll share two examples below from my trusted album company, and I’ll try to explain the difference between the two.

FLUSH – In a flush-mounted album, the print extends all the way to the edge of the page. The white that you see pictured above, is part of the print.

Flush-mounting allows for a slimmer volume, with slightly thinner pages. This style encourages a modern edge in the layout design because photographs can easily be placed anywhere on the page.

Flush Mounted Album

MATTED – A matted album tends to be a thicker, weightier book.

Smaller prints are mounted onto the page, and then a matte / liner is placed on top. The white that you see below is a separate layer surrounding the print. Simplicity is key with this style; you generally want to stick with one or two prints per page and a slow, measured pacing.

Matted Album

The matted layout is akin to museum presentation, giving each chosen photograph a certain weight and importance.

I am a big fan of both styles. If you are still having trouble choosing, consider this: (by no means a rule of thumb, but potentially helpful)… If you love design, tend to choose sleek modern decor, and if you like your photographs to be large, then a Flush album will likely be a good fit for you.

If you are a bit of a romantic, love old things, relish tradition, and hold a certain preciousness about photographs… then you will probably want a matted album.

About the Author:

Lisa Berry Photography, Bloomington Indiana

Lisa studied fine art photography at the Rhode Island School of Design and now documents weddings across the country. Based in Bloomington, and traveling all over Indiana.
Lisa’s wedding photography has been featured in REALSIMPLE WEDDINGS, Elegant Wedding magazine, Grace Ormond Marriage, Bride’s Boston, and Newport Life.

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