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In February I spoke with other fabulous people at the ACPWC national conference and with my introduction, Andy Ebon dubbed me “The Queen of Email Followup”. Now he was playing with me a bit, but I’m also going to take that as a compliment, because that’s exactly what took my business from doing well to being extraordinary.

Most wedding pros, including yourself, are guilty of not following up nearly enough. And when you do follow-up, it’s way too weak in your efforts.

You MUST follow-up keeping a few things in mind.

#1 – Have them opt-in to your email list in exchange for something. It can be a free checklist, video, audio, or whatever. It doesn’t matter as long as you’re offering something juicy enough for them to want it.

#2 – Use an automated email marketing company. Do not, I repeat – do not – do this with gmail, outlook, or your own email program. You must use an email marketing company.

#3 – Set it up on autopilot. Have it setup so that you have emails going out to them a minimum of once a week. But these aren’t the emails you’ve been sending that sound like a needy girlfriend. You want your emails to be content-rich, providing brides with secrets, tips, and how-tos. The idea is to educate them on what you know (so they see you as the expert because you are), while they get to know you, get to like you, and start to trust you. All of this is for a reason…To get them to buy your services. (You’re not just doing this as a PSA.)

#4 – Give a strong call to action. This can be to setup a complimentary consultation with you. Or, you can promote a product that week. Or drive them to a local bridal show you’re participating in. The point is to get them to “raise their hand” figuratively for more information or to buy right there from you.

So if you’re not the Queen of Email Follow-up yet, I’m telling you …. you want this title. This is what helps you pay your bills and make seriously fantabulous money in your business like nothing else I’ve found….still. ; )

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