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Engagement shoots have become widely popular among newly engaged couples, and almost all of them want something different and unique. The best way to achieve that is to make it personal and have fun. That is when the best and most creative photographs are taken. Engagement photo sessions are supposed to be casual and relaxed so in this case, sticking to your comfort zone is perfectly fine. If you are planning to have your engagement photos taken and want to do something a bit different, think about what your personal interests and hobbies are. If you and your future spouse share a common hobby or interest, consider using it as a theme for your engagement session. For example, if you both love racing, find a nearby racetrack that will allow you to spend an hour or so shooting there.

One of our couples, Megan and Lee, absolutely love dogs. They called us to ask if their two best friends could be a part of the photo shoot. Needless to say, our answer was yes. The dogs were extremely well behaved and we all had a blast. Many of the photos involved Megan and Lee playing with their dogs, something they love to do, so they were very relaxed and the photos turned out amazing. After seeing the pictures, Lee commented that this is exactly how they want to remember their lives together in the future – having fun doing something they both enjoy.

If you are more adventurous like one of our other newlyweds, you can go bold with your engagement photos. Erica and Stephen are both big into mountain biking, so for their engagement session they dressed up in their biking gear and we headed to a popular mountain biking trail. Capturing great images of them going downhill at full speed on their bikes was not the easiest job, but it was certainly well worth the effort. The photos were incredible and all their friends and family raved for months.

What makes these type of photo sessions so unique is that they each involve something personal. Not only are the photos creative, they become even more meaningful to the couple. Everyone is unique in their own way, so showing off who you really are brings individual style and personality to the photographs. Creativity doesn’t necessarily come from cooking up something brand new – sometimes all it takes is doing what you love.

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John Morris is a professional photographer based in Las Vegas, NV and has been published in numerous publications ranging from commercial editorials to wedding magazines. John Morris Photography specializes in wedding photography, senior portraits, corporate events, and commercial advertising. When it comes to photography, our philosophy is simple: keep things as real as possible. We focus on capturing the natural expressions and the creative lighting that makes our photography unique. It’s all about telling your story through beautiful photographs.

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