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Member David Coleman of D Coleman Photography in Nixa Missouri fell in love with photography 11 years ago when asked to photograph his sisters wedding. Learn about David’s style, what he offers, his recommendations for new photographers, and more in this edition of Behind The Lens.

WPUSA: David, you’ve been a member of WeddingPhotoUSA since 2005 so you’ve got some time in the business. Tell us a little about how and when you got your start?
David Coleman: I got started 11 years ago when my sister asked me to photograph her wedding. I said yes, but was really scared that I would mess it up. Needless to say, it went good and I instantly fell in love with taking photos of people in love!

What photographic style do you prefer to work in?

DCP: My style varies depending on what my customer wants, but I am considered an artistic photojournalist.

With all there is to do in your business, what does a typical day look like for you?

DCP: I own my own business with my wife, so I am really flexible. I do all my editing from home so it varies by day depending on my personal life. As for a wedding day, on an average I spend at least 8 hours photographing a wedding/reception.

What advice can you give any newbie’s getting started, or things you would have done differently if you could start over?

DCP: I would recommend any starting photographer to try to get a job in a photo lab to learn the processing side of photography. Sometimes, what may look good on a monitor with factory calibration will be inadequate in print without major color correction. I have been very fortunate to have made alot of right moves by paying attention to my customers and to the trends. So that would be my best advice I could give. But, out of everything, I recommend making yourself extremely visible online, that’s where the “modern bride” really shops, especially for photographers. Consider it this way, your website or the lack thereof, is doing the initial interview for hundreds of brides before the first email or phone call you get from them.

Is there a piece of equipment that you would say is most important or helpful to you?

DCP: For weddings, I would have to say a good quality, fixed fast lens. Mine is a Sigma 50mm 1.4 lens with large 77 filter size glass. It cost me $600 and has easily made me over six figures. The other would be back up equipment from a camera and lenses to a flash, these are priceless. Ruining one wedding can ruin your business.

For all the brides reading this, is there anything unique or special about your service and why you’ve loved doing this for 11+ years?

DCP: I offer high quality teamed with an artistic edge for a lower than average price with no time limit for the big day. I offer a flat rate as an all day fee with all types of packages with reasonable rates. I love knowing that I am giving a priceless service to couples that will look back at their photos and remember the feelings they felt that day.

David Coleman, D Coleman Photography – Nixa Missouri
email: [email protected]

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