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In today’s tough economy, the value of your service is more important than ever before. So, who are the vendors that book more brides? It’s the ones who are able to offer clients the most bang for their buck by giving the bride more of what she needs and wants. And it’s also those vendors who can give brides a freebie a taste of all the fabulous goods that you can offer!

Every bride wants to feel special while planning her big day, and you can help make that happen.

By offering an extra gift that doesn’t cost you much money, you are helping her feel exactly that way. It’s like when you buy make-up or perfume at a department store. You know you’re going to go to each department store in the mall to see who has the best free gift with purchase. I know I do! 🙂

Remember though, your extra bonus has to make sense and be something that the bride will see value in, otherwise there will be no incentive for her to book you or at least to start to know, like and trust you!

So whether it is a free e-book, checklist, how-to video, or design guide, make sure it is something that she is going to find desirable when it comes to helping her plan her wedding. Once you decide on your freebie, put monetary value on it. You want your potential clients to know how much extra value they would receive just for choosing you (except that they’ll get it for FREE)!

Also, consider putting a limited time offer on your bonuses. Instead of your bride going home to just think about it, there is incentive for her to hurry up and book you (even if you don’t plan on discontinuing it any time soon). Think infomercials and what makes you buy that random thing at 3 am Your freebies will be well worth it once you begin booking more brides as a result!

What free something could you add to make visiting your website more appealing and book more brides? Remember not to go too over the top with them and keep them related to your current business. You want it to be something valuable to the bride, but nothing that’s going to hurt your business or cost you a lot of money!

I heart a good freebie,


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