Five Things You Can Do to Help Your Wedding Photographer

Are you currently planning your wedding but unsure of how you can help your wedding photographer? Don’t worry, this is a common thought among many marrying couples. I am here to assure you that putting these five tips into practice will guarantee working harmony with you and your photographer and winning portraits of your special day!

  1. Keep important areas accessible. It is important to make sure that all crucial ceremony and reception events (the bouquet toss, cake cutting, first dance, etc) are accessible by your photographer. Your photographer will most likely try to remain behind the scenes during most of the wedding in order to get some captivating shots, however it becomes a challenge when the cake cutting, for example, is set up and planned to take place in a far corner of the room limiting visibility of the bride and groom. Don’t worry too much about visibility however, if there is a staircase or a ledge to stand on your photographer will find it!

  2. Ask guests to give your photographer room to work. Your photographer will most likely welcome your guests taking photographs during your portrait session after the ceremony. There’s nothing like sharing a beautiful moment and setting with friends and family. There’s also nothing like having an excited child playing the “young photographer” try to stand directly in front of you causing you to almost trip and damage important equipment. It’s always best to ask guests ahead of time to allow space for the photographer to work during this time while taking their photos either behind the photographer or to the side.

  3. Give location suggestions. Your photographer is a professional and can spot great locations near the ceremony for your wedding portraits-but you, however, are the expert on what you like best. It’s never too late to scout places close by to your ceremony that catch your eye and that you would like to include in your portraits. Asking your wedding planner or venue manager about areas close by as well has been found to be a great help.

  4. Keep your photographer informed. It is just as important to your photographer as it is to you to capture all of your special moments from your wedding day. Therefore, keep your photographer updated on the order and place of events to occur during your ceremony and reception. Your photographer will be able to set up ahead of time and make sure they find the perfect spot to capture the bouquet toss or the best man’s toast!

  5. Take a deep breath, relax, and just have fun! Some of the best photographs are those of intimate moments when the bride and groom or the guests are not looking at the camera but simply living in the moment.

Remember to keep these tips in mind to help your wedding photographer and you’ll ensure not only the most wonderful day of your life, but also memories to treasure always!

About the Author:
Amanda Glisson, Amanda Glisson Photography – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Amanda Glisson Photography specializes in capturing and preserving all of the beautiful memories on your special day. Amanda offers top quality wedding photos taken in a traditional and photo-journalistic style.
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