Halloween Themed Wedding Ideas

You can forget about ordinary, traditional weddings when planning a Halloween themed wedding. We put together some tips and advice for you to plan a unique, fun, and elegant halloween wedding.


Bride and Groom
You can make it real simple by the bride wearing a plain black or red slim fitting gown while the groom wears a black tux with black shirt and tie. If that is too plain for you, you can add a black cape with red lining and a high collar for the groom, black veil and long, sleek black gloves for the bride. If you’re more traditional and would like to stick with white, you can add some black details and accessories. Or, if you’re the romantic type, shop for costumes as a Renaissance lord and lady, or Cinderella and Prince Charming.

Black gowns in materials such as velvet, crepe, or chiffon with black velvet cameo chokers, or black lace shawls. Or another option would be slim fitting black, red, orange or yellow dresses with matching capes with high, stiff collars.

All black tuxes, shirts and cumberbuns with tails. Undertakers traditionally wore swallowtail coats.


Flowers with fall colors and mix in some leaves or blood-red and black roses.
Or, you can choose Orange Hawkweed, Day Lilies, Tiger Lilies, Orange/Yellow Freesias, Orange Roses, Orange Poppies.


An old gothic church would be perfect.


Fall wedding invitations with pumpkins, leaves, or a black cat.


Choose a historic mansion. Decorate the tables with black table cloths with orange napkins and under the centerpieces, scatter lights that are black and orange, large pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, and cornstalks throughout the rooms. Have candy dishes filled with roasted pumpkin seeds on each table. Place wrought iron candelabras in the corners. Don’t forget to use ghost place card holders and dry ice behind the table to create a smoke effect for the entrance into the mansion.


  • Wrought Iron Candelabras
  • Small wooden vase of flowers with a large leafless tree branch towering out
  • Jack-o-lanterns with a candle inside or pumpkins filled with flowers as centerpieces. You can add a little more to the arrangement, such as small scarecrows, plastic pumpkins, small ghosts, gold stars or moon.
  • Orange and black pillar candles in varying heights placed on small round mirrors. Scatter some autumn leaves around it.

Wedding Cake:

Pumpkin cake with red, black, white or orange frosting.


Suggest your DJ play Halloween themed music such as:
The Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack, Monster Mash & Other Songs of Horror, Ghostbusters, and Thriller.
As added entertainment, throw in a fortuneteller to dress up as a gypsy and give short readings.


  • Votive Candles in orange, red, gold and black wrapped in black or orange cloth, cellophane or tulle.
  • Halloween treat bags filled with halloween candy.
  • Chocolates or iced sugar cookies in the shapes of ghosts, pumpkins, witches, sun, moon, stars, tombstones, etc. Package several together in black or orange cloth, cellophane or tulle.
  • For a more elegant favor, use Halloween Pillow Favor Boxes and place small pumpkin candy or candy corn inside

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