New Photo Contest – Gary Fong Guest Judge

WIN Gary Fong’s Color Gel pack
along with the Lightsphere Collapsible!

CURRENT CONTEST PERIOD: enter by 5pm EST October 14, 2011 open to any wedding photographer in the USA

THEME: “The Departure” – a photo of the moments when the bride and groom are leaving the ceremony or reception.

GUEST JUDGE: – Gary Fong

1.”Like” WeddingPhotoUSA’s Fan page.
2.Email 1 photo only to us at [email protected]

1st Place Winning Photo will win Gary Fong’s Color Gel pack along with the Lightsphere Collapsible. 2nd Place Winning Photo will be placed in the Photo Showcase section on our home page for 2 weeks and in on our 2011 Showcase for the rest of the year.

Lightsphere Collapsible: For the softest, most natural looking flash photography, the Lightsphere Collapsible is the softest, largest, tightest-holding and easiest to mount diffuser system. It creates not only beautifully consistent lighting on both indoor and outdoor images, but also special-effects lighting with gels, spots and domes that turn simple speedlight flashes into a sophisticated professional studio system.

Color Gel Kit: Inspire creativity by changing the color of your flash output to Red, Yellow, Green or Blue. The color filters are designed to be used with your Lightsphere Collapsible. The simple color filters snap into a special holder inside the dome of the Lightsphere Collapsible. These filters can be used to color balance open shade, tungsten, or flourescent ambient lighting

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