New Years Eve Wedding Ideas

There cannot be a more a romantic way to ring in a new year than with a celebration of marriage! We put together some ideas and tips to help plan your New Years Eve Wedding.


Have your guests wear their most elegant attire by making it a special black tie event. The bride would look beautiful wearing a Long Satin Gown with shimmering sequins and a glittery tiara. The bridesmaids can wear long black velvet gowns
and the groomsmen in all black tuxedos.


All red roses are an elegant choice for a black tie event, you can also mix in some white roses too.


Send out “save the date” cards as soon as you know the date, and send out your invites three months in advance instead of two just to give your guests plenty of time since it is a holiday.
For the invitation style, choose white and gold or white and silver. Also to make the wording special by adding a phrase like, “A new year, a new beginning” or “A countdown to the rest of our lives”


Small bottles of champagne
with personalized labels, chocolate covered fortune cookies with a new years fortune, a cd with your favorite hits from the past year with a personalized label, bells with a label that says “ring in the new year with your names”, have someone take each guests instant photo as they arrive and place the photo in a personalized frame for them to take home with them when they leave.


New years eve colors are typically black and silver or gold and silver.


To make a festive atmosphere, place noise makers
, Party hats, candles, and confetti on the tables. Place balloons, white lights, and glittery snowflakes throughout. Place a large clock right behind the DJ to countdown, or have a large screen tv to watch the ball drop! Also, place balloons in netting over the dancefloor to drop down at the stroke of midnight.


Try to make it a late event, starting around 8:00pm. You want your guests to stay through the stroke of midnight to ring in the new year!


If you decide to serve a full meal, remind guests to have something light to eat before the event since they will be eating dinner later than usual(if your event starts at 8PM), but let them know you will be serving a full meal and to come hungry!

You may want to skip having a full meal and opt for hot appetizers offered throughout the night. You can serve hot wings, chicken/beef sticks, scallops and bacon, etc. Or, you can have stations set up so guests can help themselves.

Be sure to have plenty of coffee available throughout the night, or consider a coffee station when serving dessert.

These are just a few ideas to make your New Years Eve wedding special, but there are so many more possibilities to use your own creativity to add something unique to your special day.

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