How Photographers Attract Brides

How Photographers Attract Brides – When it comes to your wedding business, you’re always trying to stay up to date with the latest trends. But just because everyone else is doing it, doesn’t mean you have to too! You only need to do the things that are right for YOU, that is how you are going to attract more brides.

There’s a little thing marketers like to talk about called your USP.Your Unique Selling Proposition. This is absolute key when marketing to brides. No one is competition for being you, so be you and only you. No one can compete then. Use your own style, personality, your quirky nature and embrace it!  Being you is more important than most wedding professionals realize. Brides don’t want some cookie cutter vendor they want someone with a personality!  So think about it: what makes you different from the rest? What do you do that no one else ones? What sets you apart?

Competition IS a problem when you are only copying what they are doing. When you forget who you are, what makes you you, and only follow what everyone else is doing, competition will be your worst nightmare.

Once you can go back to simply being you, all the competition will be gone! Brides will start ringing the phone off the hook because they like your style, they like who you are.  It’s simply a matter of being comfortable and confident enough in yourself to just be yourself. Once you have done this, business will boom!

When talking to your potential brides, make sure you’re letting them know what’s in it for her.  Don’t use we and I, use you and your.  How can you help the bride? How can you make a difference in her day? How are you the answer to all her needs? Explain to her how you can help solve her problems. 

Your Bride Attraction Assignment:

If you don’t know what’s special about you, do what my good friend Cari Vollmer ( suggests. Ask 10 of your closest friends and family, plus 10 of your best clients what makes you you. What do they notice about you and your personality more than anything? What have clients enjoyed about working with you? What have you done for them?

You’ll find that some things are going to come up again and again and again. That’s what makes you different. Take these things and put them into your marketing as soon as possible: this will make all the difference in standing out from all those other people out there!

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    Ok. It’s sounds very good. But when you have that list, how you publish that? That I need to make a post on my blog telling the brides how funny and wonderful I am??? I don’t like to sound like I want to glorify myself… What’s the best approach after you knew who you are???

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