Wedding Photo Showcase 2011

We are always on the lookout for that unique photo from America’s top wedding photographers! Photos chosen are based on many factors including image quality, subject matter, creative effects, and of course the WOW factor. Use these winning photos for your wedding photography ideas and inspiration!

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Creative Freedom Photography
Florida Wedding Photographer

Photo Equipment: Nikon 35mm and T Max film. I still say there is nothing like film for black and whites!
Description: This photograph is called “GRACE”. I always spend quality time before the Ceremony with the brides and allow my inspiration to come from my subjects. This beautiful bride was so graceful, she reminded me of a Degas painting.

Techniques: In order to achieve a “high key” portrait I removed the blankets on the bed and had the bride lay down on the white sheets. I used a long lens to isolate the background. I stood up on a dresser and shot down at the bride. The only light I used was the natural diffused light coming in from the windows.

Carter’s Photography
Southern Illinois Wedding Photographer

Photo Contest Theme: Ring Details
Photo Equipment: This image was taken with a Canon 7D with a Canon 70-24L f2.8 lens. The settings were 1/200th f3.5 with an ISO of 1250 with flash with the only post editing done in Lightroom.
Description: This image was captured at a venue in the heart of Southern Illinois of Josh & Lindsay’s wedding. Most of the time while our bride and groom are eating dinner this is when we shoot our detail images. We always include ring images with the cake, flowers and this time we wanted to try something different.
Techniques: This image defiantly took both of us (Adam Marlow) and myself to pull off. Since Adam owns the Canon 7D we decided that his camera would be faster than my Canon 5D MKII so that left me to be the person who got to drop the rings while Adam had to push the shutter button at the precise time. After many attempts and everyone at the venue watching and wondering why we were dropping the brides rings into a glass of champagne, Adam was able to capture this amazing photograph with one ring sinking into the champagne and the other tittering on the edge.

Amanda Glisson Photography - Colorado Springs, CO Wedding Photography

Lauren D. Rogers Photography
Lynchburg, VA Wedding Photographer

1st Place Winner
Photo Contest Theme: Kids at Weddings
Photo Equipment: Canon 5d Mk II and a 24-70mmL lens, probably on aperture priority at 2.8f.
Description: The photo was taken at Cannon Ridge Golf Club in Fredericksburg, Va., during the wedding of Danielle and Steven. As the bride, groom and I took a moment away from the reception, the flower girl insisted on coming with us. She didn’t like the couple getting too far away though, and here she is trying to catch up.
Techniques: The image was edited in Lightroom and retouched in Photoshop CS5. My style of shooting revolves around catching small, intimate moments of the day, and to me, this capture has more emotional pull because of its impulsive nature than any posed photo could.

Amanda Glisson Photography
Colorado Springs, CO Wedding Photographer

2nd Place Winner
Photo Contest Theme: Kids at Weddings
Description: This photo took place at Fox Run Park in Black Forest, Colorado. This particular photo stood out for me because of the concentration on the flower girls face, despite the excitement happening around her. It enables you to feel a slight connection with the little girl. The photo was taken right before the the wedding party started to walk down the aisle, capturing a calm, young flower girl amidst a moment of excited frenzy.
Techniques: I wanted everyone’s eyes to immediately be drawn to the flower girl in the image, by using Photoshop CS5 I was able to create layer masks and blur and darken parts of the image that were distracting to the eye.

Josh Allor Photography
NYC/Detroit Metro Wedding Photographer

Photo Contest Theme: Groom Getting Ready
Description: The photo took place in the Concorde Inn, where the groom/groomsmen were getting ready. The image, we think very clearly represents “boys being boys”…while the girls use every last second to primp and prepare. The boys take it down to the last second before preparing. The men were all a very close band of “brothers”, perfectly comfortable in their friendship and their bonds with one another. Taking some time away from the stress of the day to do what boys do and play cards.

Finest Moments
Cleveland, OH Wedding Photographer

1st Place Winner Chosen By Gary Fong, Guest Judge
Photo Contest Theme: The Departure
Photo Equipment: 5D Mark2 and a 50mm 1.2 canon lens
Techniques: I exposed the image slightly darker than normal. My settings were 3.2 1/600 at 100 iso. My post-processing included a vintage black and white action I created and a couple overlays I shot of some old rusty cars on Route 66. I thought the image was perfect for an old-tone because I didn’t want the blues and greens to draw the viewer away from the couple and the path, which are the two most important elements of this shot in my opinion.
Description:I shot the photo at Lakewood Park right next to Lake Erie for an engagement session with an Indian couple named Jay and Simi. It was one of the first shots of the session. I noticed that the path just seemed to drop off toward Lake Erie and create a lot of depth, so I instructed Jay and Simi to forget I was the there and just enjoy a walk down to the lake to start the session. I thought the picture would symbolize a new journey they would be taking together. All journeys include a departure from what’s comfortable and a new unknown destination, so I thought this image worked well for that.

Ronnie Lascano Photography
Texas Wedding Photographer

2nd Place Winner Chosen By Gary Fong, Guest Judge
Photo Contest Theme: The Departure
Photo Equipment: Nikon D90, 50mm lens
Description: The image was taken in Mansfield, Texas. The joy in the newlywed’s face was priceless.

Brandon Smith Photography
Portsmouth, OH Wedding Photographer

Photo Contest Theme: Brides Bouquet
Photo Equipment: Canon 5D MKll, Canon 100mm Macro f/2.8 IS L USM
Description: The sun sets directly behind this property and always creates the most beautiful, golden light. Right before the sun sets completely, it always pierces through a row of trees(as seen in the image) at the back of the property. I knew from the beginning the image I wanted to create and when I found this nice little stump to place the rings and bouquet on, everything fell together beautifully. Anytime I can, I try to incorporate the sun or at least natural back lighting into work because for me, it really just gives it that “wow” factor and sets it apart.

Olivia Marone Photography, LLC
North Carolina Wedding Photographer

Photo Contest Theme: Cutting the Cake
Photo Equipment: Shot with a Nikon D300, with a 24-70mm Nikkor 2.8 series lens at f4.0, 1/80th second, at 500 ISO
Second off camera flash, SB 900
Location: Chicago, IL
Description: I loved shooting this wedding as this couple was all about having fun, and that’s exactly what they did, from the time they showed up in a big yellow school bus until the last dance. I try to capture the natural moments that happen on a wedding day and this is what this photo is all about. The groom had given all of the groomsmen machetes, and they came up with the idea to use one to cut the cake. Many brides would have objected, but not this one! I also love how excited the groom is!

Hallman Photography, LLC
Destination Wedding Photographer

Photo Contest Theme: First Dance
Photo Equipment: Shot with a Canon 5D, with a 24-70mm Canon 2.8L series lens at f3.5,
1/50th second, at 3200 ISO
Location: First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, SC
Description: I wanted to capture the dance floor scene during Jeanette and Bryan’s first dance, so I zoomed out and waited for the perfect moment. I love that it shows such a great expression on the groom’s face, catches the dip, the faces of the sea of guests, and almost best of all… the videographer, my second shooter and a wedding guest with their cameras all clustered together on the right side of the image.

Pao Photography
Georgia Wedding Photographer

Photo Contest Theme: Getting Ready
Photo Equipment: Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Focal length 48 mm, Max lens aperture f/2.8, Exposure 1/100 at f/5, Flash Fired, compulsory mode, Exposure bias 0 EV, ISO 400
Location: Atlanta GA
Description: I took this picture at the hotel where the bridal party was getting ready. My special technique is that I give the bride her space by not getting to close and by not telling her what to do unless really necessary. This picture was very natural since it was the actual moment the bride was putting her dress on with the help of her bridesmaids and her mom. I only take a picture when the moment is right, to avoid any uncomfortableness. Every bride with their bridesmaids have different personalities. This party in particular were very attentive and showed a lot expressions of love, joy, and sincerity towards each other.

Stephanie Leigh Photography & Design
Virginia Wedding Photographer

Photo Contest Theme: Transportation at Weddings
Photo Equipment: Canon 5D with a 1.4 50 mm lens
Location: Winchester VA
Description: The couple was not from Winchester, but came there to get married, they rode in and out of town on their bike, and of course wanted photos of that!

Dorinda & Todd (the couple) were just so fun and enthusiastic about their wedding day, which really enhanced the photos. You can see the emotion in their eyes, which says it all!

Stephanie Wales Creative Imagery
New Hampshire Wedding Photographer

Photo Contest Theme: Weddings by the Water
Photo Equipment: Nikon D700
Nikon 70-200mm lens at 200mm The Couple is in the water and so am I 🙂
Location: This image was taken from my first BrideScapes® session at Horseshoe Falls in Wilton, NH in the Souhegan River.
Description: Before I started shooting weddings, I shot landscapes & nature. I knew I wanted to do some sort of Day-After shoots that combined both my past work & Bridal Imagery, but I wasn’t sure what exactly it would become. This shoot was fairly spontaneous, as I originally wanted to have this Couple placed on large boulders in the river. It was a blistering hot day, so the Couple just sort of went from wading to getting in. Then I joined them with my gear and this image is definitely the highlight from the session.

This area of the river is like a cavern with rock walls on either side. Natural light was just pouring in at incredible angles. I shot the entire session using only natural light. This Couple was young, and passionately in love. I hardly directed them the entire time.

Brandon Smith Photography
Portsmouth, OH Wedding Photographer

Photo Contest Theme: Vintage
Photo Equipment: I used my Canon 5d Mkll, pair with my favorite lens, the Canon 85mm 1.8. The image was shot wide open at f/1.8, as I tend to shoot with most my images
Location: I shot this image in Portsmouth, Ohio in an area that is surrounded by texture and color.
Description: I shot alot of full length shots but wanted to focus mainly on her key features with this
shot. Her eyes and glasses (you dont see to many brides wearing glasses like these) really popped out to me and I tried to focus mainly on that, but the veil is why I think this image worked so well with a beautiful vintage effect.

Studio IV Photography
Madison, WI Wedding Photographer

Photo Contest Theme: Black & White
Photo Equipment: Canon EOS 7D
Location: Kaukauna, WI
Description: The image is taken just moments before the bride walks down the aisle, her first clear glimpse of her groom, and his of her.

This photo is one of my favorites, because the bride has gushed over it ever since. Being a recent bride myself, I know the feeling of that moment, and I love having captured it from her perspective. I was shooting as a second that day (thanks to Chasing Lilies Photography of Madison, WI!), allowing me to get this great moment. I simply converted to black & white to give the image a timeless feeling.

Aaron Riddle Photography
Winchester, VA Wedding Photographer

Photo Contest Theme: Pets at Weddings
Photo Equipment: Taken with a Canon 5D Mark II, ISO 2000, Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS lens, natural light, no flash.
Location: The Potomac Pointe Vineyard and Winery in Stafford, VA on Friday, April 1, 2011
Description: The photo is of the bride, Sarah, and her ring dog, Pita. Sarah was upstairs getting ready with her bridesmaids, and she had just put a “ring dog” shirt onto Pita. She picked him up to give him a hug and cuddle, which is when I took the shot.
Special Techniques:From having photographed plenty of weddings, I know when to make myself “invisible” and just let the moments happen for me to capture. This was one of those instances. It happened naturally and was not posed or requested or anything of that nature. It was a genuine bonding moment of an owner with her pet that she loves 🙂

Ellys Photography
Winston Salem, NC Wedding Photographer

Photo Equipment: 5D Mark II, 24-70 L Lens, 200 ISO, 2.8, 1/60th Second, 1 White Lightning 3200 triggered by pocket wizards
Location: Bicentenial Gardens – Greensboro, NC
Description: A private moment between Deniece and Hercules in a beautiful storybook setting.

Photography By O’Neil
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer

Photo Equipment: Olympus body, with 14-54 mm mk1 lens.(Photography By O’Neil shoots strictly with Olympus)
Location: The courtyard near Heinz Chapel, in Oakland PA.
Description: This image was taken just after the completion of their wedding ceremony at Heinz Chapel, and they were expressing their love. No special technique was used, just normal style of shooting, & used a special technique in editing to enhance the colors.

Ronnie Lascano Photography
Dallas/Fort Worth Texas Wedding Photographer

Photo Equipment:Nikon D80 with Nikkor 50 mm 1.8. No flash
Location:Bank of America Plaza Building in Dallas, TX
Description: This was a few moments before the wedding ceremony. The bride was having a little moment of reflection and with the sun setting in front of her, it created this stunning silhouette of the beautiful bride.

Photography By O’Neil
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer

Photo Equipment:Olympus E-3 50mm
Location: Mt Washington
Description: This image was of a couple who went to a look out at Mt Washington, between their ceremony and reception. (we always go somewhere in between).
In the digital darkroom, I adjusted the curves and levels, duplicated the layers, upped the saturation quite a bit on one layer, and used several Actions I have developed, while lowering the saturation on another layer.

Zora Jenea Studios
Lewisville, North Carolina Wedding Photographer

Photo Equipment:Nikon D90, Nikkor lens 18-105mm, SB-900 Speed Light
Location:Creedmoore, North Carolina
Description: The photo was taken while shooting bridals in Creedmoore, NC this past December; and is due to the creative minds of Megan Lynn Dooner and myself. Megan came to me with ideas of what she was looking for and wanted to mix our styles. We were in her backyard finishing up the session when she told me she really wanted a good one with all the details in her dress, and the dress some how spread completely out. I knew I would need the height, so everyone started pitching in and setting up the shot… when we finished I was on a small ladder directing her on the ground, her mom spotting me on the ladder and my assistant holding an external flash to my right.

A Crystal Clear Sound Video & Photo
Ravenna, Ohio Wedding Photographer

Photo Equipment:Camera – NIKON D90, Lens – NIKON 18-200mm vr, Exposure – 1/200 sec., F-Number: F/11, Focal Length 30mm
Location:Tallmadge, Ohio – Outside the church where the wedding was about to take place.
Description: The bride was excited to get outside and take pictures with her girls before the ceremony….AND she was showing off her shoes. This is a candid shot, taken while I was waiting for her.
Special Techniques:Photoshop Plugin – Melancholytron

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