Product Review:How to Attract More Brides

“How to attract more brides, make more money, and have more freedom in their businesses” is the focus of bride attraction expert Natalie Bradley and her bride attraction home study system “How to Attract All the Brides You Need!”

The Bride Attraction System comes in a 126 page e-book, immediately downloadable for $198. It has a 1 year satisfaction guarantee based on proof that the concepts in the course were implemented and has worked to the purchasers satisfaction. We like this type of guarantee as it shows extreme faith in the product by the author, and holds the buyer accountable to actually use the information in a timely manner. The system is not just a read-only resource, it is a true hands on workbook, that if implemented, will transform the readers business.

From the get go, this system attempts to get the readers mind straight by confronting their fears and excuses, clarify duties and time dedicated each day, building confidence, and determining goals of achievements. Natalie uses a process called the Mind Map to form a visual representation of the readers goals that can be used to help maintain focus daily.

Next, specific work is done to help the reader get “crystal clear” on who the appropriate bride is, how specialized knowledge and skill will appeal to the bride, and creating a unique selling proposition that will cause brides to buy. She likes to emphasize that by marketing to the right bride your pre-qualifying and pre-selling yourself before they contact you versus marketing to every bride which wastes time, money and effort.

The sections on marketing to these newly defined brides gives 12 steps on everything from website building and blogging to e-newsletters and speaking at events, all designed to attract the right brides. This is where you’ll be putting into action all the work you’ve done up to this point. On it’s own, this chapter could stand out as a complete class on marketing a business and if implemented would make it worth the entire purchase price of the system.

Once all this new business is coming and you know how to attract more brides, you’ll need some help! Natalie discusses systematizing and team building, using the leverage of people and technology to help streamline and free up time so you can service the increase in business and still have a life. For some small business owners, these topics cause anxiety and stress, as the feeling of giving up control or quality comes into play. Natalie handles this well by providing ideas that can help with the simplest of tasks all the way up to removing yourself for months at a time to take that dream vacation of a lifetime.

Wrapping up the system are discussions on creating multiple streams of income and passive income, and another chapter that is worth its weight in gold…”Close the sale without fail to book more brides”. This focuses on a step by step plan for handling the bride from initial contact, to response, to consultation (actually having the consultation), follow up after the consultation and closing for business. This skill alone would help readers increase their conversion rates and is worth reading many times over.

Overall the system is well written, full of useful ideas, and stands up to our no-bull test! It should not be considered a quick fix, this is honest to goodness, detailed work on your business and yourself. Should the reader implement the skills and ideas in this system, they will most certainly take their business to the next level.

Get the Natalie Bradley “How to Attract All the Brides You Need!” system now.

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Ron Carpenito – Cofounder, WeddingPhotoUSA

With a passion for weddings and the web and over 20 years of experience in the wedding industry, Ron and wife Deb enjoy connecting brides to wedding professionals, writing & sharing about the latest trends in weddings and photography and growing their clients business.

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