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We are excited to welcome Candice Mac Nicol from playplay creations, a make-up expert with extensive local and international experience in fashion and film work! She will be hosting a Q&A each week to answer beauty and make-up questions from our visitors. So if you have a question or need advice, please ask Candice and check back weekly for her expert answers!

See below for Candice’s first Q&A on Bridal makeup advice:

“Hi Cands,

A friend of mine asked me to be her matron of honor for her wedding, and to do her make-up! Flattering as this is, I’ve never done bridal make-up! So I have a couple of questions:

1) I really want to get some MAC paint pots (for her but also for me) how long does it last before it dries out?
2) What are the must-have brushes? I’m just doing a natural look.
3) Any tips for a totally inexperienced beginner?


Hi Alida,
First things first, have fun! I recently did the make up for my best friends wedding (while being matron of honor too!) and it was such an incredible experience – enjoy it!

With regards to cream eye shadows (pot paints) I currently use and am very happy with the ones I have from MAC, Benefit and Estee Lauder. This type of eye shadow is amazing because it lasts all day and night and it doesn’t crease/drop/smudge/cry off! Trust me, it lasted a night of partying in tropical temperatures in Vietnam at the aforementioned wedding!

The cream shadows last quite a while if you keep them in their original, airtight containers. I’ve had mine for a couple months and they’re still going strong. However I’m sure I will go through my product quicker than you if you’re just using it for personal use, so I would recommend keeping an eye on it and if it starts to smell different, toss it!

I use a MAC 217 blending brush for cream shadow applications. Be careful as it picks up a lot of product and you might need to blend it on your hand a little to get an even distribution on the brush. As you work closer into the crease and inner corner of the eye, you will need to use a smaller, more dense brush – the MAC 219 pencil brush works well for this. Just remember to thoroughly clean your brushes after each application as the cream shadows dry quickly and can ‘clog” your brushes.

The most important thing to do is work quickly. The cream shadows dry very quickly and you have to blend fast to get soft, natural contours. I often apply it with a brush and then use my finger to blend it out more as the warmth keeps the cream moving a little longer. But never fear, if you make a mistake, use an ear bud with a little eye makeup remover and fix that area.

Practice on a couple girlfriends and experiment with color! Cream eye shadows have been a saving grace in my experience and they are a much used and appreciate part of my kit!

Have fun and send through some pics, I know you’ll do great!

Cands xxx

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Candice Mac Nicol, playplay creations

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