Q & A ~ Expert Make-Up Advice for a Fascinator Veil

Candice Mac Nicol from playplay creations, a make-up expert with extensive local and international experience in fashion and film work is hosting another Q&A to answer beauty and make-up questions from our visitors. This week she gives her recommendations on what type of make-up looks great with a fascinator veil!

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See below for this weeks Q&A:

“Hi Cands 🙂

Got a question, I want a fascinator veil for my wedding but not sure what type of make up I should do then as it is naturally quite attention seeking to the face, so bold or not?

Hey Megan,

I generally only have one rule with regards to wedding make up: Look like yourself….a more polished version, but it’s always a bonus when the groom recognizes the bride. Be true to your style and your personality!

There is a second part to this rule: Be timeless. These memories (and the photos) are going to last forever, so make sure it’s a lasting and true reflection of yourself.

My point with all this, is that I think fascinators are wonderful. Effortlessly chic yet still wedding appropriate. They also allow the bride the opportunity to show her personal style, especially if you’re not a veil person like yours truly (nothing against them, I just can’t see myself wearing one….even though they look so amazing on everyone else!)

The make up depends on the style of your fascinator, but the only thing I recommend is not going with a strong eye and lip. With the added attention of the fascinator, that’s a lot going on!

As per your usual style of make up, either go with a strong lip (it doesn’t necessarily have to be red, there are some beautiful pinks out there too) and a defined, lined eye OR go with a bold, contoured eye and a nude or light pink lip.

If you plan on taking your fascinator off later, you still want your make up to look amazing on it’s own, so it is all about finding the balance between your make up and accessories.

I hoped this helped! Send me pics of your fascinator, I’d love to see it 😉


Cands xxx

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Candice Mac Nicol, playplay creations

I’ve been in the industry for 2 years but in that short time I have accumulated extensive local and international experience in fashion and film work. I believe that make up knowledge should be shared and I love learning and researching new products and techniques. So send me a question and each week I will answer one question on my blog! http://playplaycreations.blogspot.com.

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