Rustic Winter Wedding Ideas

A rustic wedding theme creates a warm, earthy, organic, and romantic atmosphere that’s perfect for any winter wedding! Whether your wedding will be in a trendy loft in the city or a charming farmhouse in the country, these fun & unique winter wedding ideas will work great for any budget.

When I envision a rustic wedding, I picture a sophisticated, sort-of country style, using lot’s of natural elements to decorate. This creates a lot of opportunity for do-it-yourself projects, using things that might even come from your own back yard, such as twigs, bark, pinecones or berries.

Here are some really chic rustic ideas for your wedding reception table centerpieces:

  1. Use vintage tin pails for your flowers. A rustic red color looks stunning, especially if the container is a little worn, showing some of the silver tin where the paint has rubbed off. Antique stores and flea markets usually have plenty of these to choose from. Or, if you’re not on a tight budget, you can purchase them from places like Pottery Barn.

  2. Use fruits and vegetables, like artichoke, pears, apples, or eggplant as your main focal point, placing them in unique vintage containers. Add other elements in and around your fruit or vegetable centerpieces like herbs, flowers, twine, and candles to tie the look in.

  3. Branches look wonderful incorporated into a centerpiece, either being placed in tall vases or just simply resting on the table along with your other centerpiece decorations. You can save a lot of money by collecting branches, sticks, and twigs yourself, or you can choose to purchase them at craft stores.

  4. A large slice of wood from a tree trunk work great as a stand for your centerpieces. You can even personalize each one on a corner with the initials of the bride and groom and wedding date, perhaps surrounded by a heart. Place centerpiece items on top of it, like glass cylinder vases filled with candles and wrapped with ribbon, and then maybe some dried flowers resting around the base of the vases.

  5. Create your own rustic candles or flower pots by simply purchasing or finding old glass jars and tins, and then wrapping and decorating them with things like cinnamon sticks, vines, twigs, twine, moss, fabric, or even buttons!

  6. An easy way to incorporate a lot of natural elements is by using things like berries, walnut shells, acorns, pinecones and rocks in your glass candle holders or in the vases holding your branches, twigs or flowers.

  7. Vintage wooden bird cages can add a really charming touch to your centerpieces. Surround them with things such as moss balls, flowers, and candles.

  8. Lanterns are one of my favorite centerpieces. A large oil rubbed bronze or black lantern surrounded by moss and river rocks looks stunning! It’s also easy to accomplish on a budget.

Don’t be afraid to let each table have it’s own unique style. With a rustic style, you don’t want a uniform look anyway! If fact, you can choose to have each table be completely different and then give each one it’s own unique name. For instance, you can have a “walk in the woods” table using lots of wood elements and candles, and perhaps a “romantically rustic” table using lots of antiques and ruby reds.

The greatest thing about choosing a rustic wedding theme is that you can really let your creative side shine and have fun with it!

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Lilly Childers, Weddings By Lilly

Lilly Childers is an author, a journalist, a wedding enthusiast, a wife, and the mother of two ambitious children.

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