Stepping up your Game for a Great Wedding Day

The professional wedding photographer is much more than the person behind the camera! With the digital revolution in full swing, anyone can take a picture. The professional is there to record the usual and customary, the spontaneous, and create the artful photographs that will be treasured for a lifetime.

An experienced professional should have a calming effect on the entire day. From the moment of his or her arrival until the limo, carriage, or even motorcycle disappears out of site, the photographer is with the happy couple through-out the entire day helping to make the day run smoothly.

Arrive an hour early to do shots of the groom and his groomsmen who so often are not given the photographic attention they deserve. Encourage the bride of how everything is pulling together beautifully…even if there is a little problem here or there. Don’t forget the reflective mirror shot of the bride with mom arranging her veil or fastening a cherished heirloom set of pearls. Set up photos of the ring bearer and flower girl before they have time to get too tired, bored or both. Watch for the moments of emotion others would miss.

As a professional, one should always introduce him or herself to the minister to determine appropriate boundaries during the actual ceremony. Respect is key.

Take charge of the formal photo session after the ceremony to get all the basics, the bride or groom’s special requests, and some romantic poses that will show the two now joined as one. The right photographer can accomplish this task in 20 minutes or so and it’s off to the reception.

Now is the time for documenting the guests, candid shots of the newlyweds, and the famous first dance. Every photographer should explore the venue for just the right setting of each and every photo planned from the toasts to the tossing of the bouquet. If at all possible, the photographer needs to steal away with the couple for some ultra romantic environmental photos. With the right timing and planning no one will even know they’re missing.

A true professional is never afraid to try something they hadn’t planned. It could result in a masterpiece of light and shadow, architecture and lace, love and tenderness. Let the art of photography take over!

As the day winds down and departure of the newlyweds is eminent, be in place anticipating the excitement. Work with the entertainers to instruct the crowd, if necessary, to capture the moment in all its grandeur.

Being a professional wedding photographer is an honor. We have a most intimate relationship with the bride and groom on the happiest day of their lives. Honor them with preparedness, integrity, creativity, and always expect the unexpected to be assured of a positive experiences and referral business down the road!

About the Author:

Marta Ree Tankersley, Vivid Impressions By Marta – Charleston, WV

Charleston West Virginia Photographer published nationally, locally and received a national photography award.

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