Fun and Unusual Wedding Photography Tips

fun and unusual wedding photography

Today’s wedding photography has license to be a little more artistic and free than it did in 1974. Gone are the stock standard bride and groom and in-laws shot, to be replaced with rich hues, fantastic contemporary poses and the candid storyboard of the wedding day.

Every wedding photographer has their own particular style, from fun to candid, romantic to girly or traditional to ultra fantasy, among many others. As a wedding photographer, I like to have a little fun and make things truly fun for the couple (if of course, the bride and groom are up for it!). Sure we still do our traditional shots, but in with that is thrown some super fun shots as well.

So photographers, here is a list of some wedding photography shots to try. They might be a little different but they certainly do make a good talking over coffee afterwards.

1. The Hitchhiking Shot

This is always a fun shot to do. Usually I carry and old beaten up suitcase
in my car and before the wedding I find out where the couple are going on their honeymoon so I can make up a rough signboard. It’s just a matter of placing the groom on the side of the road, holding the signboard and thumbing a lift while the bride sits on the suitcase looking bored. Obviously make sure they are in a completely safe place along the side of the road first.

2. The Playground Shot

Usually the bride and groom really get into this one. Go to a children’s
playground and let the bride, groom, the bridesmaids and groomsmen go wild. You will get some great photographs as they frolic on the playground equipment. A great shot to get is one of just the groom and bride on the swings, flying high, the wedding dress billowing.

3. Playing Pool/Snooker in a bar

These shots can be really romantic. If you are lucky enough to be near a bar or a pub while taking wedding photos, take them there and have them play a game of pool together. Beautiful photos like the groom leaning over the bride and helping her take the shot are always winners.

4. Waitin at a Bus Stop

This is another great shot to utilize the suitcase. It’s made even better if there are real commuters waiting, puzzled looks on their faces while the bride and groom wait patiently.

5. At a Rock Concert

or if not a rock concert, dancing wildly to a local band in a pub while bar patrons look on.

So there you have it. A few kooky ideas for fun wedding shots. Of course there are many more for you
to try at your next wedding gig…the only limit is your imagination. Of course it goes without saying that you need to keep the lovely couple safe and well and deliver them back to the reception on time!

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