Wedding Advice: 13 Must-Dos for your Wedding Day

Your wedding day has finally arrived! Now that you’ve made it to your big day, it will be helpful to have a “day of” to do list! Destination Wedding Photographer Ann Peters of Photos by Miss Ann shared with us 13 must-dos for your wedding day.

  1. Exchange day of gifts- even if it is as simple as a card you send over to your soon to be that says, “Cannot wait to see your smile down the aisle!” It means a lot and offers a great candid moment.

  2. Remember to eat and drink water- It will help you get through the day but also add last minute color to your skin.

  3. Floss the day of! I know it sounds silly but in my detail photos I get extremely close up to my brides from your smile, necklaces, earrings, and other sweet angles.

  4. Have a survival kit on hand. I always have in tow two for both my brides and grooms that include things like a sewing kit, Shout wipes, black socks, extra rings, breath mints, static guard, floss, and extra buttons!

  5. Take your dress off the bridal shops hanger and switch it with a wooden hanger that says cutesy things like “Bride,” “Mrs. Peters,” etc.! This small detail makes your dress look even more stunning in the getting ready photos.

  6. Struggling for something blue? Buy “I do” crystal stickers to put on the archway of your shoes! I think it’s so important that I give my brides one in my “welcome packages.”

  7. Boutonnieres, corsages, and your garter all go on “lucky left!”

  8. Let your photographer know in advance any of family or sensitive issues (i.e. spilt families, disabilities, etc). We do not want to make anyone uncomfortable!

  9. Add some extra bling to your bouquet- like rhinestone shoots or a broach to make it even more special. I just added these items in mine after the florist dropped them off.

  10. Be adventurous in your wedding photos, you’ll be thankful later! Do know your train is going to get dirty, maybe even wet, so just face it and have a blast! After all, you’re only meant to wear it once (or twice for a rock the dress session!).

  11. Don’t sweat the small stuff! Example, I forgot to put my engagement ring on for the ceremony (a part of me totally wanted to go back and get it but it would have made our ceremony 30 minutes late!) so I just had to giggle about it on the way and when my husband noticed it missing at the ceremony.

  12. You can totally rock the bird cage veil or a super sweet headband with feathers. Try it at your bridal boutique or order from

  13. There’s no shame in a checklist for you, your group or photographer. It is the most beautiful day of your life, details and groupings of people are crazy important!

Photos by Miss Ann thrives on adventure and love. Those two traits combined with precision, energy, enthusiasm, never-ending ideas, and technical knowledge make Photos by Miss Ann the success it is today! Her aim is to create a relaxed and fun atmosphere for you, your family, and friends and create beautiful candid images. Rest assured that all of those wedding details you have spent so much time planning will be captured whether you are planning a destination wedding or local event!

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