How to Choose a Wedding Photographer: Part 3

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, sometimes you just want to check tasks off your list to get them done. But when it comes to choosing a wedding photographer, it’s the most important wedding-related decision you will make, so it shouldn’t be taken lightly. We’ve asked our expert member photographers for their best advice on how to choose a wedding photographer, and we’ve broken it down in 5 parts to help you!

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Take your time

“You’re going to be looking at these pictures for the rest of your life, so take your time choosing a photographer! You want to make sure that you not only love their pictures, but that you want to see yourself in them. This is the only part of your wedding you get to keep, so make sure you love it!”

– Jason of The Hudsons – Modern Wedding Photography, Fayetteville AR

“When taking the time to select your wedding photographer, do just that, take your time. Start looking early, don’t be rushed into picking someone you are not 100% confident in. Ask as many questions up front to your photographer. Once you have decided on one, relax. Trust yourself that you have made a great choice and just enjoy the magic of your wedding, let the professionals you’ve hired take care of the rest.”
– Eli Murray Photography Arkansas

Look at More Than a Few Photos

“When hiring a wedding photographer, make sure you see work from more than just one wedding they’ve done. Make sure they aren’t just shooting the same tired old shots at every wedding. Your wedding should look as different and unique as you are.”
– Wollwerth Imagery, Beaufort South Carolina

“Make sure to have a photographer shows you an entire wedding! You could see a showcase of all of the best photos, but how many quality photos can be produced in one wedding?? Also, make sure that the photographer has a pose list outlining all the desired photos. Finally, make sure there is a contract!”
– Randy of Randy Lee Photography, Lake Stevens WA

“Don’t be satisfied with just a few samples. Ask to see whole wedding proof books.”
– Stephanie of Stephanie Dubsky Photography, Sarasota FL

“Find the photographer whose images you find yourself in, whose art moves you on an emotional level. The photographs are the lasting tangible reminder of your wedding day and than can become works of art for your walls and within coffee table albums.”
– Jennifer of Jennifer Bowen Photography, Scottsdale AZ

“A flashy website, with “doctored up” images doesn’t guarantee your “real life” photographs will look the same. Meet with prospective photographers and look over their portfolios. Seeing a photographer’s work up close will give you a good idea of what you can expect in return.”
– Pamela Hodgdon Photography, New Hampshire

“As an engaged couple be sure to meet with more than one photographer. When looking at photographers keep in mind whether or not that photographer has experience at your location, and if he/she does ask to see examples.”
– Abe Gates Photography, Keene, NH

“When you’re interviewing photographers for your occasion and they mention this term, ask to see examples of their magazine, newspaper or wire service work.
Michael Cope of Michael Cope Photography, Chesterfield VA

“Make sure to find out if the images that are being shown to you were actually made by the photographer that will be shooting your wedding. In some
instances, a studio may have multiple photographers, and you may not be getting the same style of work that is being shown to you.”
– Jason of Blue Mountain Photo Works, Fountain Inn SC

“Planning an outdoor wedding, and can’t predict the weather? You want to trust in your photographer’s abilities to create stunning images in response to all sorts of conditions. Ask to see images from weddings where weather struck! Wind or rain! How creative was the photographer’s solution? Do the images feel flat, with the same old tent interior, or did serendipity find it’s way in; producing new angles, a stroke of cloud burst, a misty, glistening bride?
– Jennifer of Aphrodite Wedding Photography Portsmouth, New Hampshire

“When making your selection for a Professional Wedding Photographer you do not want to waste time with a photographers collection of best images. Study the consistency and quality of at least three complete weddings. This will show you what you realistically can expect in a single wedding, your wedding.”
– Tiger of The Photography of Tiger Cosmos Greensboro, North Carolina

Photo Credits: Abby Rose Photo, David Payne

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