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Last week we had the opportunity to hangout with a panel of wedding industry experts hosted by HauteLook & Nordstrom Weddng Suite! They answered many different questions from brides on planning, etiquette, fashion and latest trends. We were so excited to learn all of these new wedding tips & expert advice, we had to share it all with you!

The Panel of Wedding Experts Included:

  • Nordstroms National Bridal Director Andrea Wasserman
  • Celebrity Event Planner and Designer Colin Cowie
  • Fashion and Beauty Editor of The Knot Jennie Ma
  • Lead Stylist and DIY Guru Jess from Style Me Pretty
  • Editor from Kim Forrest

What Big Wedding Colors to expect in 2014?

Last year was Tangerine, this year is all about Emerald Green, and next year Emerald Green will still be big! Also, there’s a lot of interest in Blush/Opal/Neutral/Nude for 2014.

Photo Courtesy of Heather Patterson Moore

What are the Top Colors for Bridal Gowns instead of White?

There has been some interest in what Vera Wang has done with black, burgundy, purples, wine and even reds. Something new is a combination of black and white in different textures. Blue is also popular and fun, plus you can use this as your something blue. The Great Gatsby is very in, as metallic is becoming very popular, with not too much color but a subtle shimmer. Another thing brides are doing is wearing a white wedding gown for the ceremony then changing into something more fun, colorful and party like for the reception. This idea is not that budget friendly but if you can, do it!

What are the Hot Gifts for Bridesmaids & Flower Girls?

You can you take care of something that they wouldn’t otherwise be spending on your wedding but need it to participate in your wedding. For instance a gift of jewelry that they can wear as part of their ensemble for the wedding, make up, nails, or hair for the wedding day.

If you have the time you can find a DIY project like DIY jewelry, clutches, shoe clips. These are low budget and thoughtful.

Another idea is matching light blue or pink bathrobes with monogramming for getting ready that day, and for yourself a white robe with your new last name monogrammed.

Photo Courtesy of Munoz Photography

What are some Tips for Pre-Wedding Diet & Beauty Routines?

Drink lots of water, it helps make your skin glow. Do not crash diet! Don’t have a salty breakfast, have cottage cheese and some fruit. And, if you have the budget, get a leg, hand and foot massage the day of!

Most important, make sure you look like yourself the day of your wedding! Don’t go crazy with new things, like new hairdo, makeup, etc.

6 weeks before wedding or as soon as your dress is finished, have your makeup done, hair done, put your dress on, shoes on, undergarments on, look in the mirror and ask yourself, is this the way I want to look on my wedding day? Also, take some photos to see how you look in them.

When walking down the aisle, hold your bouquet as low as possible. If you hold it to high, your shoulders will hunch up. So just before you walk down the aisle, take a deep breath, relax your shoulders and put them back, it will make you look taller and thinner.

What are Men’s Trends for this coming Fall & 2014?

It’s all about the cut of the suit. Don’t wear a boxy suit, bring it to a tailor and make it as fitted as possible. You’ll look taller and more confident as well.

Print shirts are trending now, an example; groomsmen wearing blue and white gingham with mint green ties with bridesmaids wearing mint green dresses.

What are the up and coming Bridesmaids Dress Trends?

Texture is new, prints; specifically dots, and lace. Mixing up colors is big, for example, having everyone wear different shades of blue or coral.

Photo Courtesy of Monica Z Photography

Is it OK if Bridesmaids wear different Style Shoes?

Everyone has their own shoe style and wants to wear their own choice and do their own thing. The expert advice is there should be a common thread. So, if bridesmaids are wearing different style dresses they should all wear the same shoe style. If they are wearing the same dress they should have a choice to wear different shoes.

What is the Most Important, Splurge Worthy Item to Focus on for Brides on a Budget?

The top #1 answer from the expert panel is PHOTOGRAPHY!! It is what lasts and what you remember from your wedding day! Everything else goes so quick and is forgotten. Food and drink are also very important, it’s what helps your guests a good time and enjoy themselves. But, everything else has some wiggle room for DIY and options to save money on.

You should also create a wow moment: like a special food station, or signature cocktail, to give the guests something to remember. It doesn’t have to be expensive. One example is have a cocktail named after each bridesmaid! You can even buy a few of those beverage servers, fill each with a different cocktail, line them up on a table, and you’ll have a nice cocktail station. Guests can serve themselves cocktails!

Photo Courtesy of Richard Ellis Photography

Will there still be a big focus on DIY in 2014?

DIY is not gone and it will never go away. With DIY there are so many great aspects, like taking a look at things and asking, can i do this myself? Is there a way I can make this more personal? Or can I do it for cheaper?

Handmade elements are still trending like handmade invitations, hand lettering, watercolor painting. It makes everything more special because when family members and friends help with DIY wedding projects, it gives more personal connections to everything.

What are the big wedding invitation trends?

Invitations are not as formal as in the past, the text and card are more simple and modern. Even though the text and card are simple, the new trend is to have printing on the back of the card and inside the envelopes with patterns, art deco, metallic with gold and silver foil, with very heavy paper.

What is the Average Wedding Budget these days?

East coast: $34,000, West coast: $29,000.

What are some Good Budget Friendly Menu Choices?

Instead of having a buffet, a more elegant way to serve is different food stations, like pasta station, salad station, or meat station.
Also, don’t offer a full bar, just beer & wine and a signature cocktail.

What are alternatives for Dessert instead of having a Wedding Cake?

Candy stations are the biggest trend now. You can have a candy station with candy in any different color scheme!
French macaroons are now more popular than the cupcake.

Photo Courtesy of Meaghan Elliot Photography

How do I incorporate Something Blue in a Unique Way?

Wear blue jewelry, earrings, embroidered monogram hidden on inside of your dress, blue shoes, or blue lingerie straps.

We hope you enjoyed all of these amazing wedding tips and advice from the experts! We certainly learned a lot and we’ll be attending many more hangouts to bring you the latest in wedding etiquette, planning, fashion and trends!

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