Why Do Brides Toss the Bouquet?

It’s one of the many traditional moments captured in photos of a wedding, a fun photo of the bride tossing the bouquet to a group of single women lunging after it. But why do brides toss the bouquet?

bride tossing bouquet

This tradition dates back to the 14th century, when the bride was considered to be especially lucky to be getting married and to embody that good luck on her wedding day. Single women, wanting some of that luck, would chase after the bride tearing at her dress to get a souvenir piece of the luck to take home. Over time, brides wanted a less physical alternative to this craziness as it would often get out of hand. That’s how the tossing of the bouquet came about, as a more controlled way to share the brides luck with guests. And, as the tradition goes, the one who caught the bouquet would be the next lucky one to walk down the aisle.

Today this tradition is entirely optional, and some brides choose to skip it entirely while others choose to modify it to suit their own style.

Some great alternatives to tossing the bouquet are:

  • give the bouquet to a special relative or friend to honor them or thank them for their support with a small speech
  • separate the bouquet into smaller bouquets and give one to each bridesmaid to spread the luck
  • have an “Anniversary Dance”. This is where all the married couples are invited to the dance floor to dance with the bride and her new husband. The DJ or Band eliminates couples based on the length of time they’ve been married. The last couple dancing will be the longest married and presented with the lucky bouquet.

The most important thing to remember with wedding traditions is choose what you are most comfortable with. You don’t have to sacrifice your own originality, as there are so many modifications that can be made while still keeping traditions alive.

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